US astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks record for time in space

US astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks record for time in space

US astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks record for time in space

Asked President Donald Trump.

Or would that be over the radar? It's in that foggy realm of Trump news in which everything is slightly ambiguous and wobbly and internally inconsistent and nearly certainly improvisational and not actually grounded in what you could call "government policy".

When discussing how the ISS crew reuses their urine to make potable water, Trump replied, "Better you than me".

Peggy Whitson is a multiple record-holder and continues to shatter the glass ceiling on a daily basis. If necessary, they could put on safety gear, evacuate the station into their docked Soyuz vehicles and quickly undock for a ride back to Earth. Aboard the space station, Whitson stood with Colonel Jack Fischer, an astronaut who arrived there last week. Scott Kelly holds the American record for most time passed during a single spaceflight.

CORNISH: Five-hundred-thirty-five days.

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, 57, broke a massive record on April 24 as she celebrated from the International Space Station.

CORNISH: Now, she not only holds this record for time spent in space. This is her second tour in charge. In 2008 she was the first woman to command the space station. "What do you see a [sic] timing for actually sending humans to Mars?" he asked.

"You may know that my father recently signed the Inspire Women Act to encourage female participation in STEM fields across all airspace and really with a focus on NASA", said Ivanka. "Seeing those role models and with the encouragement of my parents and various mentors in college and graduate school and when I started working at Rice [University], that's what made it possible, I think, to become an astronaut".

Given Trump's questions about Mars, it seems as if the president has forgotten that he's ultimately in charge of space policy.

Trump joked, "We want to try to [get to Mars] during my first term, so we'll have to speed that up a little bit, okay?" "I'm so much more impressed with these people". And so by studying math, science, engineering, any kind of technology, you're going to have a part in that.

Later that year, Whitson returned to the International Space Station to become its first female commander. And, at the age of 56, she is the oldest woman to go to space.

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