Couple married 69 years die minutes apart, holding hands

Isaac and Teresa Vatkin. Courtesy of Howard Handler  Daily Herald

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The couple grew up in Argentina, on opposite ends of the country, and wrote love letters to each other three times a week until they married in 1947.

An elderly couple's beautiful love story has sadly come to an end after they passed away side by side after 69 years of marriage.

Having met in their native Argentina, Mr and Mrs Vatkin communicated by writing letters, eventually marrying and moving the U.S. where Isaac built a successful business as a Kosher meat distributor.Teresa was a homemaker and manicurist. Their romance blossomed over a number of years, even though they lived in different cities.

As their health declined in recent years, their love certainly did not. The doctors and nurses said time, for both husband and wife, was coming to an end.

The pair whose beds were placed side by side were positioned such that their hands touched.

"One of my daughters, she said, 'Mom, they can feel each other better this way, '" Geskin said. When the family had to move Teresa out of their home for specialized care, he still visited her every day. "She looked at me and my brothers and she was gone". I kept saying, 'Mom, don't close them. "That was it", Geskin said.

Issac and Teresa Vatkin died over the weekend at the same hospital after 69 years of marriage.

"My father's chest went flat". "I thought maybe if they knew the other was there, it would help".

Just minutes apart, they continued their journey together - a love that continues to live on through their family. "They were in love", Clara told KTLA sister station WGN-TV in Chicago.

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