Facebook killer was caught by police after he pulled up at McDonald's

McDonald's in Erie where Steve Stephens was spotted

McDonald's in Erie where Steve Stephens was spotted

Though shocked and deeply pained by their father's brutal murder, the children said they felt sorry for his killer.

Stephens is not believed to have known Godwin, a retired foundry worker who media reports said spent Easter Sunday morning with his son and daughter-in-law before he was killed.

Federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies had launched a nationwide manhunt for Stephens, who was wanted on an aggravated murder charge.

Police say 37-year-old Steve Stephens killed Robert Godwin in Cleveland, as the grandfather was walking home from an Easter meal. He sped away, and police then hit his auto with their vehicle, causing him to lose control and spin out, at which point Stephens shot himself, Teper said.

Cleveland.com reports (http://bit.ly/2ovysTt) officers didn't find any electronic devices inside gunman Steve Stephens' vehicle after he led police on a 2-mile chase in Erie, Pennsylvania, and then shot himself dead Tuesday.

He also said our hearts go out to the family and friends of the Cleveland shooting victim.

H-1B visa applications drop for first time in years. Stephens shot and killed himself after a brief pursuit, police said. The social media network later removed the video. It was at this time that the Cleveland suspect put his gun to his head, taking his own life.

Police warned Stephens's death might make it harder to prevent similar crimes.

The woman, Joy Lane, told WJW-TV in Cleveland that she last talked with Stephens on Saturday night, when he told her he had quit his job and was moving out of state.

Sources tell WKYC's Monica Robins that the person who gave the tip that led to his location will receive the $50,000 reward.

Stephens's mother told CNN she called him after learning about the video, and he had told her he was shooting people because he was "mad with his girlfriend". The police chief of Erie Pennsylvania spoke at this press conference, saying they would be nowhere in this case without the public's help.

A two-minute pursuit followed before Stephens shot and killed himself. And so, I just would want him to know that even in his worst state, he's loved...that God loves him, even in the bad stuff that he did to my dad...even though he's going to have to go through many things to get better, there's worth in him. Gillispie reported from Cleveland.

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