France's Macron would formalize first lady role

French centrist presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron center addresses a group of workers at the Whirlpool home appliance factory Wednesday

France's Macron would formalize first lady role

She has campaigned fiercely since she and Mr Macron qualified Sunday for the runoff, while Mr Macron was accused of a laggardly start to his second-round efforts but has stepped up the pace over the past 24 hours.

The couple met when he was in high school and she was a teacher, and they later married.

Calling the move "outrageous", Zakharova said Moscow viewed the ban as "deliberate and bare-faced discrimination against Russian media by the presidential candidate of a state that has historically been vigilant when it comes to free speech."She called on the relevant French authorities and global organisations to ensure that freedom of the press was upheld in the second round of the presidential election, which is scheduled for May 7".

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen advanced in France's presidential election on Sunday. At Whirlpool's gates, it became clear why: The former investment banker and economy minister is, for her, the readiest canvas for her black-or-white assertion that the election is a clash between two polar opposites.

Paris: A protest by French youth against the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and his far-right rival Marine Le Pen turned violent on Thursday, according to local reports.

Ms. Le Pen is often identified as a politician of the far right.

In response, Macron tweeted: "Madame Le Pen has gone fishing".

Mr Macron visited the deprived Paris suburb of Sarcelles on Thursday to meet local people in a stadium where he played football briefly with delighted children.

Macron said: "On the other hand, you have my project which is a republican, patriotic project aiming at. reconciling France".

Le Pen's political party, the National Front, was founded by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, a convicted Holocaust denier who has been charged multiple times for inciting racism and anti-Semitic hatred.

With a majority of French voters opposed to leaving the euro, the Le Pen campaign has not insisted on that part of her platform over the past months.

The centrist Macron faces far-right, anti-immigration candidate Le Pen in a May 7 runoff.

One student blocking the entrance of a high school in Paris said Macron was "definitely not liked by people who are not so well-off, with his haughty tone".

It noted that "on the sidelines of the demonstration, the hooded young people threw projectiles at riot police who replied by using tear gas to disperse the crowd".

A Paris school district official says teens blocked or tried to block some 20 high schools in the Paris area Thursday morning.

Placards read "Expel Marine Le Pen, not immigrants" and "We don't want Macron or Le Pen".

Aiming to assuage such fears, Le Pen vowed to "do nothing" against the will of the people. I would like to advance with the recognition of two states, " he said.

After her voyage aboard the "Grace of God 2" trawler, Le Pen said: "My grandfather was a fisherman, so I am in my element".

It may also augur the end of the traditional left-right divide and the rise of a new political era not only in France but across the Continent. She again tore into former banker and finance minister Macron and his more economically liberal program.

Although Macron held his ground during Wednesday showdown over Whirlpool and the tension eventually eased, television channels repeatedly broadcast footage of the candidate being heckled, marking a stark contrast with coverage of Le Pen posing for photographs with workers.

"Mr Macron offers no hope".

He was dismissive of Le Pen's much shorter visit, saying: "She stayed 10 minutes, with selfies and smiles, and that's not a presidential campaign".

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