Tell FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai: Startups Depend on Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission building in Washington

The Federal Communications Commission building in Washington

"The FCC, on a party-line vote, chose to impose a set of heavy-handed regulations upon the internet", Pai said. Specifically, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to loosen the legal structure that placed Internet service providers under the strictest-ever oversight of the agency, in favor of a "light-touch regulator framework".

"Nothing about the internet was broken in 2015". But he conveniently ignores the preceding decade of history, during which net neutrality principles were periodically violated by ISPs, and where the FCC struggled to enforce net neutrality principles outside of Title II, losing repeatedly in the courts. Things could get noisier when the FCC begins to formally review a rollback. We also depend on an open Internet-including enforceable net neutrality rules that ensure big cable companies can't discriminate against people like us. Reports suggest that the reversal of current net neutrality regulations would likely weaken the government's regulatory powers over broadband service providers, effectively leaving the industry to police itself.

Net Neutrality is a much-debated topic; consumers want an unbiased network, while broadband providers have been very open about how net neutrality would stifle broadband investment. But there are hints that the ultimate goal is to basically take this whole issue and put it before Congress, because this is the third time that the FCC has taken up the question of net neutrality. The last attempt - after months of heated public debate - did gain full support from a US appeals court in June 2016. He maintains that since there was no problem with ISPs before, the Title II rules were unnecessary.

This dramatically expanded the FCC's authority over the Internet, which was praised by consumer advocacy groups.

AT&T has agreed to acquire Time Warner, the parent company of CNN.

Chairman Ajit Pai today unveiled his plans for scrapping net neutrality rules enacted by the Obama-era FCC. He was elevated to chair the agency by President Trump in January.

In case that old conservative boogeyman, "regulations", didn't tip you off, though, the net neutrality rules have really stuck in the craw of certain right-wing lawmakers and officials-notably Pai, who's served on the commission since 2012, and vocally opposed the new guidelines when they were initially passed.

"I am confident that the millions of Americans who weighed in with the FCC in support of the open internet order will once again make their voices heard to demonstrate how wrongheaded this approach is", said Senate Democrat Leader Charles Schumer. He called net neutrality a "black cloud" for internet providers that has caused "less access, fewer American jobs" thanks to declines in infrastructure investments.

The Internet Association, which represents Web companies including Google and Netflix, said it will keep working to defend the existing rules from repeal. "And by locking in current practices and players, it actually discourages the increased competition consumers are demanding".

The FCC imposed "net neutrality" rules on the internet in February 2015.

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