Sony PlayStation 5: release date, specs, and price expectations


Sony PlayStation 5: release date, specs, and price expectations

Sony's much awaited, next-generation console, PlayStation 5, is now being predicted to come out to the market sometime later in 2018. The PS4 is still outpacing the PS2, still, the PS2 sold a total of 71 million units after 4 years of its launch and sold more than 150 million after 11 years of being on the market. The Japanese conglomerate usually follows a six-year upgrade cycle. That's the word according to Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong over on the Wall Street Journal, the fella who correctly predicted the PS4 Pro and PS Slim according to VG247.

A reference model of the Sony PlayStation VR viewer is on display with a PlayStation 4 System during a press event for CES 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on January 5, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It's also possible that Sony could take advantage of AMD's newly released Ryzen central processing units (CPUs) and their upcoming Vega GPUs.

Sony though hasn't stated what prompted them to expedite their development plans with the PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, there isn't much else that is known of the console just yet.

Like Xbox One, the PlayStation 5 has AMD x86 (Advanced Micro Devices) multi-core processor and AMD GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) chips.

However, there also are reports of Sony going for its own custom chip to power the PS5. That said, a more powerful processor, an even faster GPU along with more storage and memory is nearly imminent.

Pricing will undeniably be a crucial factor in determining the console's appeal in future, it surely will be a wise move for Sony to use the existing architecture. Reason being the PS4 Pro just released in 2016 - launching a new console, belonging to the same generation as the PS4 or otherwise seems unwise. It'll be equally exciting to wonder what PS 5 will be like as Sony will also have to watch out for Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo's Switch.

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