DOJ press conference for Alton Sterling investigation set for 1 p.m.

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The two officers are on paid administrative leave, and an internal affairs investigation by Baton Rouge police remains pending.

The decision not to prosecute the two officers was made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Justice Department.

On Tuesday, the police officer in a Dallas suburb was sacked three days after he fired a rifle into a auto full of unarmed teenagers, killing one. But witnesses said Sterling was not reaching for the gun.

Acting U.S. Attorney Corey Amundson said there is not enough sufficient evidence to federally charge the officers involved in the controversial July shooting. "No decision by the Department of Justice can replace the loss of Mr".

"Officer [Blane] Salamoni then pulled a gun and point it at Mr".

In a statement, Justice Department officials said there was insufficient evidence to disprove the officer's claims that they felt their lives were in danger when they opened fire.

"Given these circumstances, the evidence can not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that it did not appear to Officer Salamoni that Sterling was reaching for his pocket".

After that decision was made public, Sterling's aunt, Sandra Sterling, was asked what she would say to the two officers if she had the opportunity to speak with them. "Gun!" and tries unsuccessfully to grab Sterling's right hand.

Was the second series of shots a violation of the Fourth Amendment?

"A thorough and complete investigation could take a considerable amount of time". The Fourth Amendment outlines what constitutes an illegal search and seizure. Lake kneels on Sterling's left arm while Salamoni tries to gain control of Sterling's right arm. Given these circumstances, the evidence can not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that it did not appear to Officer Salamoni that Sterling was reaching for his pocket. "Nor could the Department prove that the officer's conduct was willful".

According to the Department of Justice, Sterling fit the description of the person with the gun.

A police report says the officers saw the butt of a gun in one of Sterling's trousers pockets and saw him try to reach for it before he was shot.

"Moreover, two different, independent experts opined that this shooting was not unreasonable given the circumstances", the statement continued. Or did Sterling pose an imminent threat that could only be resolved with lethal force?

The formal announcement of the Justice Department's decision concludes a ten-month federal investigation, though reports had leaked Tuesday that prosecutors had reached this decision. "It's like we waited all this time for nothing".

"We all have the rights to give voice to our frustration", Edwards said. "It's a frightful pain".

For the Sterling family it feels like the day of the tragedy all over again. Sterling family members, their attorneys, Louisiana's governor and Baton Rouge's mayor said they had received no word.

Veda Sterling spoke at a vigil Tuesday outside the convenience store where her nephew Alton was shot. "My heart goes out to the family".

Bringing federal charges in a case like this is notoriously hard because the law requires proving intentional wrongdoing.

A Shreveport area civil rights leader says now it's the state's turn to investigate the Alton Sterling case.

Several of Sterling's relatives wept after the DOJ told the family no federal charges will be filed.

Landry's announcement came after the Department of Justice announced authorities will not be seeking federal charges against the officers involved in the controversial July 2016 killing.

Attorney Chris Stewart told reporters Wednesday that he was told in a meeting with Department of Justice officials that Baton Rouge Police Officer Blane Salamoni walked up to Sterling, pointed a gun to his head and said "I'm going to shoot you, bitch".

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