Canada names David Vigneault as head of spy agency

OTTAWA-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has named David Vigneault, an advisor in Privy Council Office to lead the country's spy agency, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service.

Vigneault is now assistant secretary to the cabinet for security and intelligence.

Vigneault will assume the post June 19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday.

Vigneault has previously worked for CSIS.

He replaces current CSIS Director Michel Coulombe, who is retiring from the public service after a 36-year career. He was also associate vice-president for the programs branch at the Canada Border Services Agency and director for transnational security at the Communications Security Establishment, the federal cyberspy agency.

It is a speedy appointment coming just two months after Coulombe announced he would retire, unlike other vacancies such as the RCMP commissioner's position (announced before the CSIS vacancy) and judicial vacancies which have taken PMO lengthy periods to fill.

Jeffrey Yaworski, CSIS's deputy director of operations, will serve as interim director from May 27 until Vigneault takes over.

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