Draymond Green calls Boston's Kelly Olynyk a 'dirty player'

Green also addressed the fairly widespread perception that he is a dirty player, and said there's a difference between guys like him and Olynyk.

Golden State forward Draymond Green was the latest to accuse Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk of being a "dirty" player.

Olynk has a history of creating "hard" fouls, including a controversial play on Wizards point guard John Wall in Game 2 when Olynck suspiciously looses control and tumbles into the legs of an airborne Wall, causing him to land on his wrist. There isn't a whole lot of evidence out there proving he's a dirty player, but he certainly has the reputation for being one. While most fans agreed with that take, they couldn't help but point out the irony when he said, "I don't respect guys like that". But when someone keeps testing you, especially on the basketball court, sometimes you just got to send a message. "I think one of the things as we look at it and as we watched it - we just had a film session with our group - we'll have a couple of different ways that we'll look at countering that". Come on, you really yanked this dude's shoulder.

"You lyin" bro. I had a worse episode than you did on social media, and the first thing I said was, "Aw man. I don't rock with bruh like that".

Green took exception to Olynyk's setting an illegal high screen on Washington's Kelly Oubre in Game 3 between the Celtics and Wizards.

Green, who in December was named the second-dirtiest player in National Basketball Association history by Fox Sports (behind only longtime San Antonio forward Bruce Bowen), detailed the difference between someone who tries to bend the rules to his advantage and someone who tries to injure others. C'mon, man. Oubre (didn't) hit him that hard and (he) shouldn't have been suspended. "We've just got to take each game one game at a time and come back for Game 4 Sunday, which is going to be probably insane". "So essentially he's getting a game-and-a-half suspension for that?" Like KD said last night, then they wonder why they call the league soft. C'mon man, that's ridiculous. Like, why did he get suspended?

The home team won every game in the regular season and in the playoffs and Stevens is anticipating unrivaled support from the Garden crowd. "Hopefully, the other guys miss shots like they've been doing".

"Everyone has their own opinion, but I don't agree (with) it", Bradley said. During that 12-minute span the Celtics were outscored 42-20, nearly exclusively thanks to a game-breaking 26-0 run in the quarter, in Bostons 121-102 loss Sunday in Game 4.

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