AAP shows how EVMs can be 'manipulated' in Delhi Assembly

VIP culture through back door in Chandigarh'Review notification on vanity numbers

VIP culture through back door in Chandigarh'Review notification on vanity numbers... Delhi

On Tuesday, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), during a special session of the Delhi assembly, conducted a live demonstration on how EVMs can be tampered with. Clarifying that the Congress was not with the AAP, Poonawalla said that he had collaborated with the party on the issue as the Election Commission had refused to pay heed to his concerns. "For Punjab, whatever needs to be done, I will do, but this party has deviated from its principles and it has become hard for me to continue", Waraich told reporters in Chandigarh.

Earlier, the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of the AAP suspended Mishra from the party's primary membership.

Kejriwal has so far maintained silence on the graft charges and appears to have resorted to this new tactic to divert the attention from the issue. "The computer would have inherent limitations having connections through the Internet and by their very design, they may allow the adjustment of the programme but the EVMs are independent units and the programme in EVM is entirely a different system", the Madras High Court had observed while quashing a plea that demo done on prototype EVM can't prove the charge. After the live demo in the Delhi Assembly, AAP leader Gopal Rai announced that its Delhi MLAs and senior leaders will hold a protest rally titled "Save Democracy Movement" in front of the EC office on Thursday.

"Such so-called demonstration on extraneous and duplicate gadgets which are not owned by the ECI can not be exploited to influence our intelligent citizens and electorate to assail or vilify the EVMs used by the Commission in its electoral process", it added.

"I would ask the EC to give us their EVMs, if it is not tampered. We will show how its own machines can be rigged". However, the voting machine the Greater Kailash MLA used was a dummy of what the Election Commission actually uses during polling. The Aam Admi Party, which lost the assembly elections in Punjab, and later the municipal corporation elections in Delhi, also raised its voice on the issue. He said to ensure accuracy in the voting process, paper trail is needed as there were chances of tampering with EVMs as there were reports that both the hardware and software of these machines are "vulnerable".

"The Commission should allow technical inspection of its EVMs by the expert panels of various political parties to see if the EVMs can be hacked or not".

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