AAP stages 'live demo' of EVM tampering in Delhi Assembly

AAP stages 'live demo' of EVM tampering in Delhi Assembly

AAP stages 'live demo' of EVM tampering in Delhi Assembly

A Commission official said during the demonstration, there was no control unit attached to the EVM.

The Election Commission has been claiming that EVMs are tamper-proof and had challenged that it be proven otherwise by parties making allegations about rigging.

The representatives from parties like RJD, CPI (M), Trinamool Congress and technocrats had witnessed the "live demonstration" by Saurabh Bhardwaj, who has a B.Tech degree. "Thereafter all the votes go to BJP irrespective of which party is voted", claimed Bhardwaj.

AAP, which has alleged that EVMs had been tampered with in the assembly elections in Punjab and the civic polls in Delhi, both of which it lost, used the day-long special session of the assembly to demonstrate how the voting machines can be rigged.

Bharadwaj further said that the secret code was easy to enter as the ballot unit was covered by a cardboard box and therefore, only the voter can see inside it. Bhardwaj claimed that before voting begins the election officials show that everything is done fairly but after 10 am, they activate the code, which ensures that all votes cast thereafter would go to a particular candidate. All it takes is 90 seconds.

The AAPs attempt to whip up the EVM issue in the state Assembly where it has 66 of the 70 seats, comes at a time when the party is in the eye of a political firestorm over its sacked minister Kapil Mishras allegations of corruption against Kejriwal and minister Satyendar Jain.

"I read the Election Commission's site".

"After watching videos on YouTube, the party realised that EVMs were being tampered with". It may be recalled that the EC has already announced that it will be conducting a hackathon to clear all doubts related to the misuse of EVMs.

Outside the House, Kejriwal dared the Election Commission to give EVMs to the AAP which he said will change their motherboards in 90 seconds and demonstrate how easily the machines can be tampered with.

Mishra, meanwhile, has knocked on the doors of the CBI and filed three complaints against Kejriwal and his cabinet colleagues.

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