Pope says will be 'sincere' with Trump at Vatican meeting

In the past, Pope Francis has openly critized Trump, particularly over his southern border wall. I will say what I think and he will say what he thinks. When asked if he hopes Trump will soften his stance after their meeting, the pope said it's a "political calculus" he can not afford.

Pope Francis addresses journalists during the traditional press conference on his flight back to Rome, following a two-day visit at Fatima, Portugal, Saturday, May 13, 2017.

Francis told journalists he refused to make judgments about Trump personally ahead of their planned May 24 encounter at the Vatican.

Pope Francis delivers a TED talk in Vatican City that was broadcast at the TED2017 conference in Vancouver, Canada, on April 25.

He reiterated to reporters during his trip that people "need to find the doors that are at least slightly open". "Friendship, esteem ... they, too, are handcrafted".

"Respect the other, say what you think, but with respect, walk together", he added.

"Even if one thinks differently we have to be very honest about what each one thinks", Pope Francis said, adding he hoped to find "an at least partly open door" for dialogue with Mr Trump so that they could contribute to the cause of world peace.

"Marie Collins has explained things to me very well", said the pontiff.

"She is a bit right", the pope continued.

The fact that almost all dioceses have a protocol to follow for abuse allegations is "a great improvement", he said.

His administration had also tried to close USA borders to refugees and nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries, a move directly at odds with Francis's calls for welcoming and integrating people forced from their homes.

The abuse survivor expressed particular frustration about Vatican officials' reluctance to cooperate in helping create a sample template of guidelines for safeguarding children and to send acknowledgment letters to victims who contact the city-state.

Speaking about Marie Collins's resignation from the papal commission, Francis began by praising her as "a good woman, a courageous woman" who had "explained everything" to him. Francis said, he has set up a second tribunal to hear the appeals. "But we also are moving forward". "This is not the gospel", said the Pope.

"It was a tremendous honor to meet a man who has such huge moral stature worldwide", said Choue after the meeting. "This is not the mother of Jesus".

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