Police appeal for information after Harry Potter prequel is stolen

Author J.K.Rowling and West Midlands Police in England are experiencing a serious case of expelliarmus today, with authorities and Rowling calling on fans to help them locate a missing untitled "Harry Potter" prequel.

The manuscript was written on both sides of an A5 card for a charity auction nine years ago and sold for £25,000 (approximately Rs 20 lakh). Officer PC Paul Jauncey, who is investigating the case, appealed to Harry Potter fans, asking them to call the police if they see the prequel for sale or if they know its location.

A one-of-a-kind Harry Potter prequel has been stolen, and author J.K. Rowling is eager to get it back in the right hands.

Almost a decade after she wrote it for a charity auction, J.K. Rowling is pleading for her Harry Potter prequel to be returned to its rightful owner. "Originally auctioned for English Pen [a London-based non-profit organisation], the owner supported writers" freedoms by bidding for it'.

The last words on the piece of paper are, "From the prequel I am not working on - but that was fun!".

Responding to news of the theft, Rowling retweeted a picture of the manuscript with the message: "PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS IF YOU'RE OFFERED IT".

Rowling wrote seven books in the "Harry Potter" series that sold 400 million copies and inspired eight movies that have grossed more than $8.5 billion worldwide. It opens with a youthful Sirius and James cornered by two irate policemen at the end of a high-speed motorcycle chase. Keep an eye out for the stolen manuscript and report it to police immediately if you find it - no matter how willing you are to empty your Gringotts vault to buy it.

Anyone who has information about the postcard or the Birmingham break-in has been urged to come forward and contact West Midlands police.

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