Google I/O 2017: Top 5 things Google will launch soon

The new operating system will definitely improves battery life and security, according to the announcements made. Google's Scott Huffman pointed his camera at a concert marquee for a Stone Foxes show and Google Assistant pulled up info on ticket sales.

The company has confirmed that these features will be rolled out to Android devices over the next few weeks.

Google said its new version of emojis will be released later this year, timed with the forthcoming new Android operating system. It also makes the user choose between Apple Music and YouTube. Rishi Chandra gave a demo at the Google I/O keynote when he asked to call his mom.

While at Google I/O 2017 in May, Google said it would roll out calling to all Google Home owners "over the coming months". Google maintains the feature will be smart enough so that you would auto-share only specific photos - say, of your kids - to your partner or a friend. And stepping further, Google has announced that it will be using a technology called as "Google Lens" which actually enables Google Assistant to analyse your surroundings and display content based on that. To recall, this resembles Samsung's recently launches "Bixby Vision" which was found on the Galaxy S8.

It comes as Google, Apple and Inc are competing to establish the dominant voice-powered digital assistant, which many in the industry believe will supplant keyboards and touch screens as a primary way that users interact with technology.

The functionality of the Android Instant Apps is not a new, distinct app but just an update to the existing Android app. If the phone is in your hand, chances are you want it to respond.

"To get started building an instant app, head over to download the latest preview of Android Studio 3.0 and the Android Instant Apps SDK", explained Jonathan Karmel, product manager at Google. Android Go also offers features for users with limited data connectivity and who speak multiple languages. The standalone headset will be available later this year in partnership with HTC - maker of the Steam-compatible Vive headset - and PC maker Lenovo.

Google Photos will now create a photo book of the images in your mobile phone's gallery as per Google I/O 2017. As you know, Siri is one of the coolest features which is available on an iOS devices, people actually do like to use this feature which can do a lot of things and can help users to get done of many tasks.

Google also confirmed that they can't fully control the way other manufacturers change their emojis and using the default set is an easier option than confusing people on the other end with new faces that may display differently on their own device. He is passionate about wildlife and landscape photography.

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