Judge declares Prince's 6 siblings the heirs to his estate

In a ruling made public Friday Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide declared that Prince died without a will and that his sister Tyka Nelson and five half-siblings are his heirs

Judge decides what Prince's siblings get his $400m fortune

A Minnesota judge has ruled that Prince's six siblings are the heirs to his estate.

There are people who filed appeals after their claims of heirship were rejected. Eide said that if the appellate courts send those cases back to him, he'll still fully consider them.

Eide stated that the estate will not be distributed without a court order, and he's making sure that the distribution won't affect the other claims.

Judge Eide had previously said he would not declare the siblings as heirs until the appeals had been decided.

Prince's family, of course, has raised issues about the delay of distribution, saying that prolonging it will diminish the estate.

Prince died last April after an accidental overdose.

The siblings will still have to wait to inherit their shares of Prince's estate, which court filings suggest has an estimated value of about $200 million, though taxes are expected to consume about half of that.

On Thursday [Friday NZ Time] Comerica Bank, the estate's manager, filed a motion to approve rescission of the the agreement based on "claims of conflicting rights to sound recordings".

Since his death, Prince's Paisley Park studio complex and home has been turned into a museum and concert venue.

The motion will be presented before Judge Kevin Eide on May 31. Andrew Stoltmann, a lawyer for the woman and girl who say they are Prince's niece and grand-niece, said Friday that he hadn't seen the new ruling but would examine it and determine whether to appeal it.

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