Kezia Dugdale: General Election could determine if United Kingdom continues to exist

Referring again to the "coalition of chaos" she claims would ensue if Labour and the SNP combined forces at Westminster, she claimed a Corbyn government would be "propped up by the Scottish nationalists" before warning a vote for another party would have "dire consequences" for the country.

By 5pm, the coalition deal was still intact, with the group choosing the administration over the party.

"Labour's approach has been clear and consistent: we absolutely can not do any deal with another party if it would result in further austerity being imposed on local communities".

Robertson, the SNP candidate for Moray, said: "The Tory manifesto is a cruel and callous attack on families - with deep austerity cuts that will hit pensioners, families, and our public services".

Asked if the suspended Aberdeen councillors could ultimately be expelled, he said: "The process is quite simple".

"The reality of that is it is only the Labour Party taking a responsible approach, rooted in our values and principles which are to oppose any deals which involve passing on austerity to councils and would lead to job losses".

However, Ms Dugdale said there was "categorically no deal with the Tories in North Lanarkshire".

Meanwhile, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon took to social media site Twitter last night describing the situation as "a total shambles".

He told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme the Labour group on the council there "have put forward proposals that have been refused by the Scottish Executive Committee, so there will be no deal with the Tories in West Lothian".

"We're going to have a choice, the battleground has been drawn between the SNP and the Tories and that's a battle that I'm confident [in]".

Lawrence Fitzpatrick, Labour group leader, said in a statement he would now look to form a minority administration.

"The Tories have done more to divide society, create instability and destroy opportunities for young people than any other government in living memory - now they are asking people to vote for them to fix the problems that they have created", he said.

"What we've seen over the past few years in Scotland is a collapse in the Labour vote - much of it has turned to the SNP - we're now seeing Labour lose a lot of its remaining support to the Conservatives".

"The Tories have made a rod for their own back because if they now fail to win the election in Scotland they have no basis whatsoever on which to continue to thwart the will of the Scottish Parliament".

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is to make a direct pitch to Labour voters while launching her party's manifesto for June's election.

"Real opposition, just as it has over the past two years, will only come from the SNP".

Scottish Labour will publish its own manifesto next week.

A spokesperson for the party said to CommonSpace: "The Prime Minister has been clear that now is not the time for another divisive referendum".

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