NBA Draft 2017: Lonzo Ball to Philadelphia makes sense

NBA Draft 2017: Lonzo Ball to Philadelphia makes sense

NBA Draft 2017: Lonzo Ball to Philadelphia makes sense

And to the delight of the Sixers, Sacramento drew the right ping pong balls to win the third overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, sending that selection immediately over to Philadelphia.

In the grander scheme, the Cavs were the only team for which drafting first in 2014 would've made a world of difference. The Knicks best chance now is that they have holes at almost every spot so drafting for a need position is unnecessary if you need everything. This means they now have the ability draft anyone they want, or possibly trade the pick for another superstar, while being a top 3 team in the National Basketball Association. Barring a shake-up with the first two picks of the draft (or with the Sixers own pick for that matter), look for Jackson to take the stage for the red, white and blue on draft night.

Not only could the Sixers use their four-pack of second-round picks to obtain specific prospects, but for other purposes, too.

For the Philadelphia 76ers, it should not even be a question: the time is now. There might be a player that's taken later on in this round at five, six, seven that turns out to be the best player, arguably. During his only season with the Jayhawks, he averaged 16 points, 7.4 rebounds and three assists per game. Witnesses reported Jackson only damaging the door and tail light, with an estimated damage of $1,127, and District Attorney Charles Branson said Jackson was not charged with felony criminal damage because it couldn't be proved that the player caused all the damage. As Matt Lombardo of mentioned several days ago, the Sixers already have a loaded front court with Saric, Embiid, and Okafor. From isolation moves to post work to shot-creating, there isn't much Tatum can't do with the ball in his hands.

In at least one way during Tuesday night's NBA Draft Lottery, former Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie was vindicated. While some say Ntilikina might be the best fit for the system, a player like Monk - while not a true point guard - could fit in system.

In Kentucky's regional final loss to North Carolina, Monk hit a game-tying three-point bucket with under 10 seconds. De'Aaron Fox had one game for 39 points.

"I'm a big believer - this is just me, though I certainly do not have all the answers - it's hard to make a guy a point guard", Capel said.

"...if Simmons is at the point on offense to distribute, is he then guarding point guards on the defensive end?" How that will work out remains to be seen. And that's not a knock on Simmons.

The Timberwolves have been known to tank the last few seasons. It did not take long for a slew of mock drafts to come out and set the narratives for the next month in the run to the NBA Draft on June 22.

Washinton's Markelle Fultz should go to Boston at No. 1 and all signs point to the Lakers picking controversial talent Lonzo Ball (along with the vocal baggage of his dad, LaVar) at No. 2.

The point is, the Knicks need help. As it stands, adding any of the aforementioned players to a roster with talented players like Simmons, Daric, and Embiid, probably won't hurt, though.

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