U.S. officials criticize Turkey after attack on DC protesters

U.S. officials criticize Turkey after attack on DC protesters

U.S. officials criticize Turkey after attack on DC protesters

"To send a clear message that these acts of violence will not be tolerated, I ask that you immediately look into this matter and bring all appropriate criminal charges before these individuals leave the United States".

"This isn't Turkey. This isn't a third-world country", McCain said on MSNBC.

"With the Euphrates Shield operation we have carried out the first step to foil this plot". Two Kurdish allies of the United States - the YPG and the Syrian Democratic Forces - are enemies of Turkey.

"If these terrorist organisations constitute a threat towards our country, we would do what is necessary by exercising our rights under the rules of engagement". The aide said two members of Erdogan's security detail were detained on the scene Tuesday by diplomatic security agents.

"When we take this step, we don't speak or consult with anyone as we don't have any time to waste". "We just celebrated our President".

Several Republican lawmakers shot back, decrying the violence and demanding that Turkey apologize for the incident.

"This McGurk is definitely supporting the PKK and YPG".

"We see that the current administration is very different and more honest than the previous administration", Cavusoglu said. The White House defended Trump's disclosure of classified information to senior Russian officials as "wholly appropriate", as Trump tried to beat back criticism from fellow Republicans and calm global allies increasingly wary about sharing their secrets with the new president.

Differences over Syria policy have caused friction with Washington, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally of Turkey's. He warned that senior USA diplomat Brett McGurk, in the anti-IS coalition, should not "poison" the administration by backing Kurdish groups.

Last month, Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish fighters in Iraq's Sinjar region and YPG militia in Syria.

And Erdogan, speaking in Istanbul two days after meeting Trump, said he was putting Washington on notice that his forces won't hesitate to attack USA -backed Kurds if they threaten Turkey.

Senator John McCain has urged the expulsion of Turkey's ambassador to the U.S. following a violent confrontation between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's bodyguards and protesters in Washington, DC.

Nauert said in her statement that the United States respects Turkey's concerns about its approach, and will continue regular consultations on the issue.

"This kind of thing cannot go unresponded to diplomatically", and suggested lawsuits would be filed if the bodyguard responsible can't be identified.

John McCain called for the Turkish ambassador to the USA to be thrown out of the country on Thursday amid growing anger over the violent beating of protesters that took place outside of the Turkish embassy in Washington earlier this week.

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