Flooding on Toronto's islands: cancelled weddings, closed amusement parks and spawning carp

Water surrounds a van parked on the Toronto Islands

Water surrounds a van parked on the Toronto Islands

Toronto Island Park will remain closed through the May long weekend and likely into late June, as overland flooding continues to creep onto shorelines, Toronto Mayor John Tory said Friday.

Tory has invited the media to join him and will address them at about 8 a.m., officials say.

Toronto Mayor John Tory says 261 buildings, or about 52 per cent of the structures on the islands, are at risk of damage from flooding while about 40 per cent of the Toronto Island Park is already under water.

Pumps are offloading 500,000 litres of water from the island each hour to help water levels recede. "We have plans to make sure they stay safe".

Weddings at Artscape Gibraltar Point have been re-scheduled until further notice, the opening of Centreville is delayed and the students of Toronto Island Park Public School have been relocated to Nelson Mandela Park Public School.

Map of the Toronto Islands with labels added by Padraic. According to the Water Town Daily News, Lake Ontario's water level was measured at 248.85 feet on Tuesday, which is above the 1952 record of 248.75 feet.

Spring runoff is continuing to flow into the lake and the city said its big concern is heavy winds, which could push more water back onto the island shore - even without further rain in the forecast. There are also a number of private homes on the islands.

Island resident Vivian Pitcher called the city's sandbagging and draining effort "awesome".

The City has warned the Island may not open to the public possibly until the end of July as time will be needed to allow water levels to recede to acceptable levels.

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