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New version of Android is coming as Google has rolled out the developer preview of its next Android named Android O. Devices running Android Go will still have the Google Play Store, but the apps will be optimized to work smoothly. Android Go is a configuration of Android O that's optimized for smartphones with just 512MB to 1GB of RAM and will activate automatically when installed on these devices.

There are also some clever context-aware editing tools: during the demo, Google showed how its new app could digitally remove the links of a chain fence to reveal a baseball player standing behind. Here are some of the most useful features that Google Home will get. During its I/O conference this week, Google announced that Android O is now in beta, which focusses less on new features and more on improving the core "vitals" of the operating system. This directory feature is an easy way to find out which of the apps have Assistant integration and how you can work with it. While I was checking the function out, I noticed a new feature within the Assistant: an app and service directory.

Google is also making available the conversation history for Assistant available without the need to navigate to a Google account page.

Panera Bread is among the first to go live with the API, which it's using with those customers who have saved their MyPanera loyalty card to Android Pay.

For now Google has no comments to offer on the availability of the Android Go phones or what price points they may hit. Users will also have the option to choose which quality to play the video in even before playing it so that it won't consume much data. With Google's Android O, users are assured to experience longer battery life.

Google said that they have been building the technology behind the Lens for many years and that this new initiative represents a grown-up version of the visual search up Google Goggles, introduced in 2010.

Keeping you safe with Google Play Protect Google Play Protect is a comprehensive set of security services for Android, providing powerful new protections and greater visibility into your device security.

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