'He just kept going'; Witness describes driver Times Square mayhem

A car rests on a security barrier in New York's Times Square after driving through a crowd of pedestrians injuring at least a dozen people Thursday

'He just kept going'; Witness describes driver Times Square mayhem

The 41-year-old superstar's hit album, Major Key, is nominated in the category of Top Rap Album at this year's Billboard Music Awards. "There was something wrong with him".

Rojas initially tested negative for alcohol, but more detailed testing was being done to determine if he was high, according to two law enforcement officials who were not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Rojas had been arrested at least twice previously for driving while intoxicated, once in 2008 and once in 2015, police said.

Elsman graduated a year ago from Portage Northern High School. "She was bright. She was amusing".

Police said Rojas made a quick U-turn onto 42nd Street and drove up the sidewalk for three blocks, passing tourist draws like the Hard Rock Cafe and the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant and mowing people down before slamming into a pole.

Lowe says the driver then got out of his vehicle and started running until people tackled him.

"Anything happens here, there's no time for people to get out".

Brooklyn resident Asa (AY-suh) Lowe was standing outside the Levi's store enjoying the weather when he heard screaming around midday Thursday.

"They didn't believe in me at one time in my lifetime", he added. "He didn't stop. He just kept going".

The White House said President Donald Trump was informed of the situation in Times Square and would continue to be briefed as it unfolded. It was unclear when Rojas, who was in custody, would get a lawyer or face formal charges in court.

The sidewalks in many parts of Times Square are lined with metal posts created to prevent cars from getting onto the sidewalks and other public areas.

Kelly Graves said she feared the worst, maybe a bomb, as "chaos" erupted and people began running.

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