Kaepernick's Gear Worn During Anthem Kneel Donated To Smithsonian

Kaepernick's Gear Worn During Anthem Kneel Donated To Smithsonian

Kaepernick's Gear Worn During Anthem Kneel Donated To Smithsonian

"I gave him my number to reach out to say, 'Hey, if there's anything I can do to be a part, I'm here'".

Smith on Thursday said he didn't feel the need to call Bennett "because I didn't think I said anything offensive".

Edwards recently forwarded Kaepernick's jersey and other items related to the free agent quarterback to National Museum of African American History and Culture once Kaepernick's decision to kneel during the national anthem last season became one o the country's most polarizing stories.

Sawant penned a letter Friday to Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll and owner Paul Allen in support of bringing Colin Kaepernick onto the team.

He added that he thinks the Seattle Seahawks could be a good fit for Kaepernick, as he plays a similar style to Seahawks starting quarterback Russell Wilson. "That's just sometimes the way things go".

Stills spoke before participating in the Fins Weekend golf tournament, an annual event that raises funds for the team's charitable foundation. Obviously, I'm a supporter of his.

While Miami owner Stephen Ross was fully supportive of his four players who protested a year ago, there's likely no opportunity with the team for Kaepernick.

While Kaepernick has enough raw ability to play in the National Football League, there's nothing about his performance previous year that portends greatness, and if he won't achieve greatness, then how could he ever make the grief of having him on your roster worth it? "It's a window on who we are as a society". "I think he should be on a team". She ends by saying that it would "be a poor message" for the Seahawks to send to young people if Kaepernick was not able to be signed to a team after taking a knee. "Getting in the community, working with the kids, was a way that I felt like I felt like I could get out and make a change". They're not here turning their dogs on me. "But as a person that does see it and does see what's really going on out here, I definitely could see me doing something about it as well".

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