OH 5-year-old walked to save parents who were overdosing

OH 5-year-old walked to save parents who were overdosing

OH 5-year-old walked to save parents who were overdosing

A boy in OH reportedly walked two blocks to a relative's house early Thursday morning to say that his parents were dead, according to authorities.

"He just come in the house saying his mom and dad were dead".

Officers found a white residue on a chair, which was collected and sent for analysis, according to the report.

After being revived, Johnson admitted to police that he used heroin.

CNN is not naming the boy or his parents to protect their privacy.

While talking to the 911 dispatchers, Currey tried to comfort the young boy and his 3-month-old sister, who was still in the auto outside, strapped in her vehicle seat. "But the kids got help and thankfully for him. because if they would have passed, or if they would have died, who knows what was going to happen to that three month old baby in the auto seat, or how long she would have been there".

"This 5-year-old child, a hero, saved three lives today", police wrote online. "They are supposed to be her guardians and never let anything bad happen to her". Marshall eventually was taken to a hospital and needed 14 doses of Narcan to wake up, reports say.

OH is one of many states battling a heroin epidemic.

The stepgrandfather called police, who responded to the child's home. Earlier this year, a coroner's office in OH reported it was running out of room to store bodies due to the number of deaths caused by drug overdoses. We brought the young boy and infant into the police department after the incident.

The boy's parents were arrested and charged with two counts of child endangerment and disorderly conduct, police said, but more charges could be filed. They were later taken to live with other family members.

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