Rod Beard's National Basketball Association mock draft 1.0

Rod Beard's National Basketball Association mock draft 1.0

Rod Beard's National Basketball Association mock draft 1.0

But they should definitely play the game while they can. Nevertheless, it's a good problem to have for the Celtics, and all questions will be answered during the NBA Draft 2017, which will take place on June 22. Boston will select first for the first time since the lottery began in 1985.

It is the second time the Celtics will pick first.

The playoffs might still be going on, but for the teams no longer vying for an NBA Title, the attention has shifted to the NBA draft. It was a blessing that the ping pong balls bounced their way, yet, we may see them trade their pick.

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Steve Nash are gone, though on Tuesday they won't be forgotten.

The Nets went the opposite way. "We think we're going to add a great player or we're going to have some leverage in discussions with other teams about certain situations that we might entertain", Colangelo said.

"Back in 2013 it felt like a fair deal for both sides", Grousbeck said.

Four years later, the Philadelphia 76ers are still bad.

"That felt pretty good", Grousbeck said. "It felt like winning Game Seven last night".

Right now, the Celtics have options. But there is a small, small chance Miami could end up with a top-three pick.

Though there is plenty of posturing around the draft, keeping the pick certainly makes plenty of sense for the Celtics, even if the projected No. 1 pick, Markelle Fultz, is a point guard - the same position as current Celtics star Isaiah Thomas. Both players went to the University of Washington. The 76ers were also banking on their recent tank strategy to pay off with another top pick, while the Sacramento Kings were looking at 2 picks inside the top 10 to start rebuilding post-Boogie. Perhaps no team had more at stake on lottery night than the Los Angeles Lakers, who are desperately searching for a superstar to turn their team around, but owed their pick to Philadelphia if it fell outside the top 3. The 2 most storied franchises in National Basketball Association history took the top 2 spots in the lottery, Boston first and LA second. Hinkie knew it would not be easy for the team's diehard fans to endure such a painful rebuild, but he famously implored them to "trust the process". They could add a roster player or two. They could also wind up picking seventh (and that's it).

However, prior to that series even getting underway, the Boston Celtics were the beneficiaries of an enormous success in last night's NBA Draft Lottery.

The New York Knicks are preparing for an event that will define the future of the organization. New Orleans traded the pick to Sacramento in the deal involving DeMarcus Cousins at the trade deadline.

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