Twitter warns Vine users that email addresses and phone numbers were exposed

Vine just screwed up your privacy from beyond the grave

Twitter warns Vine users that email addresses and phone numbers were exposed

The company says the bug was only active for 24 hours before being patched, and doesn't believe that the data was misused in any way, at this time. Consequently, the company wrote in a Medium post, email addresses and phone numbers associated with Vine accounts could have potentially been exposed to third parties.

We understand that this issue would not have affected Twitter users who didn't also have Vine accounts, though.

The Verge reports that Vine Support sent out a mass email to former Vine users today, notifying them that an investigation found their information was exposed. Nevertheless, Twitter says that affected users should "be cautious" when it comes to random phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Twitter did not describe the situation as a breach, as no one hacked into their servers to gain access to the user information. However, that is because they wouldn't have had to; any third party with the technical means could have viewed the user information during the almost 24-hour window the information was exposed. "The bug had the potential to expose the email address or phone number associated with a Vine account to third parties under certain circumstances". And who on your friends list is still using AIM?

If you happen to have had a Vine account and you're anxious you may have been affected, Twitter recommends you check its help center.

Twitter declined to how many users or what percentage of the Vine user base was impacted.

Yeah, that's right, Vine is dead, but your account may have been compromised anyway.

It serves as another reminder why individuals should take as much caution with their information as possible because even companies with the best of intentions can make mistakes and put people at risk.

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