United Nations chief condemns NKorea missile test

United Nations chief condemns NKorea missile test

United Nations chief condemns NKorea missile test

North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency called the missile a "new ground-to-ground medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket", and said the "Hwasong-12" was "capable of carrying a large, heavy nuclear warhead". In February, North Korea used a "lofted" trajectory to test its new KN-15 solid-fueled missile.

That is a higher altitude and longer flight time than any other missile the country has test-launched, according to several South Korean analysts reached by The Associated Press.

But, he added: "We must stop intimidating North Korea and find a peaceful solution to this problem".

Last week the South elected a new president, Moon Jae-In, who advocates reconciliation with Pyongyang and said at his inauguration that he was willing "in the right circumstances" to visit the North to ease tensions.

North Korea is banned from any rocket launch by the United Nations but it ignores that.

KCNA said the test "proved to the full" the missile's capabilities, including guidance and stabilisation systems, its engine performance in flight, and "the homing feature of the warhead under the worst re-entry situation and accurate performance of detonation system". It said the newly developed Hwasong-12 flew as high as 2,111 kilometers (1,310 miles) before landing in a targeted area in the ocean about 787 kilometers (490 miles) from the launch site.

KCNA further added that the simulated missile launch was conducted at the highest possible angle so as not to threaten the security of neighboring countries.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said on ABC-TV's "This Week" on Sunday that the U.S. has been working well with China, Pyongyang's closest ally, and she raised the possibility of new sanctions against North Korea, including on oil imports.

Francois Delattre told reporters Monday that France favors "a strong, swift and firm reaction of the council" to North Korea's test on Sunday of a new longer-range ballistic missile, which he called "a serious threat to peace and security both in the region and the world". If not, will Trump accept the growing calls from Congress to start targeting Chinese companies that help Pyongyang access global markets, even if that puts U.S. It could have a range of 4,500 kilometers (about 2,800 miles), putting the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam easily within range. During a 2016 test, the Musudan reached a height of 1,410 kilometers (880 miles).

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned North Korea's latest test-firing of a ballistic missile.

North Korea on Monday (May 15) celebrated the launch of what appeared to be its longest-range ballistic missile yet tested in a bid to bring the American mainland within striking reach, saying it was capable of carrying a "heavy nuclear warhead".

Outsiders express more skepticism about North Korea's nuclear warhead claims. "North Korea maintains conditions to carry out a nuclear test in Punggye-ri on a standing basis".

As with much of North Korea's secretive arms program, this couldn't be independently confirmed. In a show of force, the United States sent an aircraft carrier strike group, led by the USS Carl Vinson, to waters off the Korean peninsula to conduct drills with South Korea and Japan.

North Korean propaganda must be considered with wariness - Pyongyang has threatened for decades to reduce Seoul to a "sea of fire", for instance - but Monday's claim, if confirmed, would mark another big advance toward the North's goal of fielding a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the USA mainland.

There are, however, doubts whether North Korea can miniaturise a nuclear weapon sufficiently to fit it into a missile nose cone, and there is no evidence Pyongyang has mastered the technology needed to ensure the missile survives returning into Earth's atmosphere. It launched a total of 51 ballistic missiles since Kim Jong-un came to power in late 2011.

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