What Happens To Kyle Lowry Now?

You've got to use that as motivation to get better, focus on the little things, focus on what you really have do to get better for next year.

The Raptors shot 47 per cent on the night, and, after connecting on just two three-pointers in Game 3, went 10-of-29 from long range. He stayed with primarily six guys all night with Powell the only player off the bench getting substantial minutes.

Whether it's the city of Toronto, hoops fans, the franchise willing to do whatever is necessary to win, there are plenty of enticing factors to seduce a free agent.

Spoelstra, D'Antoni share award: The NBA's coaches have spoken: No one did a better job this season than Miami's Erik Spoelstra and Houston's Mike D'Antoni. "You're making a franchise-altering decision, period".

"It just sucks", Tucker said.

"It's hard to say", said Casey, before trotting out one of his favourite sayings: "Ifs and buts are candy and nuts and we'd all have a Merry Christmas".

James gave Tucker his due.

More to the point, you don't blow up a 50-win team unless you are very certain that you can turn it into a 60-win contender some years from now.

His primary focus this summer is on his kids.

The Cavs have rolled over IN and Toronto and now await the victor of the Celtics/Wizards series but until then they will get another long break, which only makes them more risky.

The Cavs finished off the Raptors about an hour before Game 4 between the Celtics and Wizards tipped off in Washington. Before Game 4 in Salt Lake City on Monday morning, Green said he hasn't been able to watch much of the Cavaliers first few series because they have been lopsided and "boring". Maybe we underestimated the Cavaliers. You can go through so many different scenarios, switching the lineups, we've done so many things.

Tucker was part of championship-winning teams in Europe, experiences showing Tucker that teams find their rhythm and groove en route to a title.

Gay, a veteran looking to return to a playoff team, would be owed $14,263,566 in the last year of a three-year contract and has until June 10 to officially opt out of his deal.

"Want to try again?" laughed Lowry, who had a player option for next year worth US$12 million, but stands to earn significantly more. "And we got a couple nicks and bruises from the first two rounds", James told ABC's Lisa Salters afterward.

"I think I can do that anywhere I play", he said.

While a dominant James has made Cleveland's run in the playoffs look easy, he credits past postseason failures for preparing him. But Lowry is not too far behind and playing with a star-studded Clippers team will definitely make him better. But that - good but not good enough - has become the theme of this era of Raptors basketball, which may or may not be over. His presence has made an enormous difference for this team, but that difference continues to grow as he gets more and more comfortable with his place on the team and his role in the offense.

"It's all Kyle Lowry's turtleneck's fault", one person wrote on Twitter about Kyle's appearance during the Raptors' final game of this season, while another added, "Why Kyle Lowry dressed like Wesley Snipes in New Jack City".

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