Good luck to Trump on moves involving Israel, Palestinians

And one of them told me, this is sort of - this is a kick, violation in our sacred trust of each other, a blunt violation of everything the two countries agreed.

The visit will be a significant foreign policy test for Trump, who has yet to demonstrate a firm grasp of the nuances of Middle East diplomacy. Masada's symbolism is controversial - the story involves a mass Jewish self-sacrifice some 2000 years ago.

A generational divide within our community finds most of those who lived through the '67 war - recalling the fear for Israel's extinction and euphoria over its ultimate victory - firmly supportive of Jerusalem.

White House aides insist Trump is getting up-to-speed on the issues and that the time could be right for his "disruptive" approach to challenge failed policies of the past. "He's so much better than Obama or than Clinton would have been", referring to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee.

However, researchers noted that those who changed their minds about Mr. Trump do not now think he is more pro-Palestinian. Both individuals spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to relay the sentiments they gleaned from conversations with current intelligence officials.

An impulsive President, liable to make spontaneous statements, has only heightened the sense of anxiety.

In the weeks after Trump took office, Israel announced a building spree in the West Bank, publicizing plans for the construction of thousands of new homes in settlements, with no immediate response from Washington.

"Something will go wrong. Then I returned to Israel and sent him an official invitation, and that was it".

"These comments were not authorized by the White House".

The statement added that "the U.S. position supporting the occupation" and the Trump's administration "intention to return to American-sponsored negotiations" is unacceptable and "reject" such overtures.

Trump, who is now in Saudi Arabia for his first worldwide trip since taking office in January, will arrive in Israel on Monday and meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where the two are expected to discuss prospects for peace negotiations and security issues. "He's coming here to strengthen our great alliance".

"Truth is, nobody knows how Donald Trump is going to act or what he's going to say in meetings of this kind because he's never done it before", summed up Stephen Sestanovich of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Just days before President Donald Trump's arrival in Tel Aviv, Israeli intelligence officials were shouting at their American counterparts in meetings, furious over news that the US commander-in-chief may have compromised a vital source of information on the Islamic State and possibly Iran, according to a USA defense official in military planning... The city is claimed as a capital by both Jews and Palestinians, however, and relocating the USA embassy - essentially declaring Jerusalem to be Israeli territory - would raise tensions.

Uri Savir, who was then serving as Israel's Consul General in NY, nearly certainly would have been involved in arranging such a visit. Instead, the president will be accompanied by the rabbi of the Western Wall.

So why is everyone nervous?

Jibreel added that the two other Palestinians, who were struck by the settler's auto, received treatment at the scene.

Netanyahu's coalition, the most right-wing in Israel's history, opposes territorial concessions to the Palestinians to further the peace process and supports expanding settlements in the West Bank.

Trump said in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in March 2016 that he would move the USA embassy to Jerusalem, calling it "the eternal capital of the Jewish people".

The fact that he will visit during the week of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem is a potent symbol of American support for Israel's determination to keep the city open to all religious faiths - and specifically open to Jewish worship.

The President's visit to the holiest site in the Jewish world - accessible to Jews for less than his lifetime - is an exclamation point.

Former intelligence officials worry Israel will be more reluctant to share highly classified information with the Trump administration, especially if it could endanger spies.

In a reversal of the roles played before the election, it is the Palestinians who are confident of Trump's visit, while the Israelis worry.

Plans for moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem were put on hold after warnings from King Abdullah of Jordan and other Arab leaders that the move could spark unrest.

That said, this process of reconciliation remains crucial under any circumstance to pave the way for a future new Israeli government and Palestinian Authority to pursue peace on a solid foundation.

"We are equipped with a peace vision", Zomlot explained.

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