Cassie Sainsbury Claims She Was 'Forced' To Act As Drug Mule

Corby is said to be sporting a healthier figure since she was released on parole her parole officer reported

Corby is said to be sporting a healthier figure since she was released on parole her parole officer reported

Cassie Sainsbury's fiance Scott Broadbridge says he unconditionally supports her as she remains in a Colombian prison, accused of being a drug mule.

Ms Sainsbury and her family had previously claimed she worked as a personal trainer, but according to 60 Minutes, from August to December previous year she worked as a "fly in fly out" sex worker at Club 220, a brothel near Penrith. "It's not like she just mentioned it once or twice, Cassandra would go on and on about it", her former colleague said.

Rival programs 60 Minutes and Sunday Night both aired stories on the woman dubbed "Cocaine Cassie", whose family has previously said was duped in Colombia while on a working holiday.

"That is why you have been seeing this unusual circus where one minute Lisa and Khala try to get into prison (to visit Sainsbury) and the next the fiance Scott tries to get in".

"I would like to ask him, but I don't see that happening with everything that's going on", she said.

Scott Broadbridge spoke on the current affairs programSunday Night and said he was surprised he was a person of interest.

NSW Supreme Court Justice John Sackar dismissed the application from Sainsbury's lawyers after the court was closed to the media to hear evidence.

Ms Sainsbury's mother Lisa did not openly criticise Mr Broadbridge on 60 Minutes, despite probing by reporter Liam Bartlett, but hinted at the feud between them.

In a freakish story, presented by reporter Denham Hitchcock, Broadbridge said a mystery couple who bought the cleaning company from Neil Sainsbury had paid her $1800 each month to fly to Sydney - payments he confirmed to have seen in her bank account.

But Mr Sainsbury, a former military investigator, told Sunday Night he had never owned a company, let alone a cleaning company, and that he had never employed his niece.

When a personal training business she set up in Adelaide's Yorke Town failed a year ago, Sainsbury then told Broadbridge she had been given a job in the cleaning company she said was owned by her uncle.

Her father Stuart Sainsbury also cast doubt over his daughter's original story, saying she and Mr Broadbridge had planned her trip to Colombia since January this year.

But Neil Sainsbury denied owning a cleaning business, believing his niece was a drug mule.

"Cassie has a bit of a history of skipping from one place to the next when things get a bit tough".

"Yes, it's unsafe but like any part of the world you make your own luck", she told Bartlett.

Cassie's mother Lisa has denied suggestions of having a "mother's blind faith", arguing her daughter is innocent.

Ms Sainsbury has been widely reported as fearing for her life in El Buen Pastor and being pushed around because she is a foreigner in the risky prison.

They then allegedly told her she needed to go via Colombia in order to get back to London. "I don't believe she was naive at all, she may have had knowledge, complete knowledge of what she was doing".

"No, it's not because she's a foreigner it's because of Cassie's attitude".

"She (Evans) won't confirm if it was about Scott". I mean, I've done a lot of research and, you know, nothing has come up.

Bartlett also explained that meeting Lisa will allow viewers to understand more about Cassie's personality and reaction to her arrest.

"She's 100 per cent innocent".

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