Jason Chaffetz Leaving Congress June 30th

Alpine Utah. Chaffetz said Thursday that he will resign from Congress next month a move that calls into question the future of the House Ove

Jason Chaffetz Leaving Congress June 30th

Asked whether he had any regrets about his time in Congress, Chaffetz says he would like to have completed more of his investigations, including one of his most controversial.

Chaffetz announced the news in a May 18 letter to constituents. At his weekly news conference, Speaker Paul D. Ryan said he had not spoken to Chaffetz about the possibility of him leaving Congress as early as next month and would not comment further until he spoke to the Utah Republican. Sitting next to his wife, Julie, and their dog, Ruby, Chaffetz said after almost eight in years in Congress, he wanted a change.

Chaffetz was also part of the Republican attempt to deflect the attention of ongoing probes into Russian collaboration with the Trump team. Many of his residents appeared to disagree at a town hall, screaming at him to "Do your job!" State lawmakers were discussing plans for a special election that would be needed if Chaffetz resigns.

Chaffetz said, "No matter who is in the White House you can not have the type of leaking of information, sources, methods, classified information". "But that is the truth".

"One of my biggest complaints with politics in general is that people play favorites depending on their party", said Carlson, of Provo. I hope whoever replaces me will do even better.

Born in California, Chaffetz was raised in Colorado and used to be a Democrat.

In contrast, Chaffetz easily brushed off the deepening issue of Trump's use of the presidency, along with his family and underlings, to further personal profit in a corrupt manner.

Prior to his time in office, he worked in communications for more than a decade and served as campaign manager for former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. "He's been silent politically", Chaffetz continued.

The Utah Republican, who converted from Judaism to Mormonism while a student at Brigham Young University, is the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the House's main investigative body.

He busied the House Oversight Committee on a (failed) mission to prevent D.C. from enacting medical-aid-in-dying at the same time that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was sacked from the White House.

Chaffetz spent years conducting investigations into Benghazi, created to attack Hillary Clinton, but has bristled at providing the most basic oversight of President Donald Trump.

Trump has long complicated Chaffetz's life. He later re-endorsed Trump shortly before the FBI announced it was reviving its investigation into Clinton's emails.

As chairman, Gowdy would lead the House's oversight of President Donald Trump and investigate whether the president attempted to quash an FBI investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Chaffetz told The Atlantic he was unmotivated to look into Trump because, "He's already rich".

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