Three climbers dead and one missing near summit of Mount Everest

Mt. Everest is seen from the way to Kalapatthar in Nepal. An American climber has died near the summit of Mount Everest and an Indian climber is missing after heading down from the mountain following a successful

Man (50) perished on Mount Everest 'death zone' raising concerns for other climbers

Despite the large number of climbers on the ground, no one has reported long lines of mountaineers who can delay climbing and become unsafe because climbers lose strength and unnecessarily waste their oxygen in this expectation.Roland Yearwood, a 50-year-old physician from Alabama, died while climbing Mount Everest, not far from the mountain's peak.

Roland Yearwood, 50, from Alabama died near the summit on Sunday while Slovak climber Vladimir Strba also died at an unknown point on the mountain.

While his way down from the summit on Saturday, Kumar fell sick and could not make it to the nearest camp, though his accompanying Nepalese Sherpa guide did reach the camp.

His climbing guide, Lakpa Wongya Sherpa, was found unconscious after suffering from frostbite at a camp.

'The climber breathed his last at an altitude of 7500m on the Tibetan side when he was descending to lower camps, ' Tibetan Mountaineering officials told the Himalayan Times.

"We have confirmation of his death but no other details are known", Murari Sharma of the Everest Parivas trekking company told Reuters.

Climbers from the United States, Australia, and Slovakia also died en route trying to summit Everest this weekend.

He explained that it takes most people 40 to 50 days to reach that point, and mountaineers can get summit fever.

The number of climbers who have died on Everest during the current spring climbing season, which began in March and runs through this month, has now reached five, with one missing.

In 2015, Amrita Yearwood described the anguished wait for word of her then-husband's fate after an quake shook Everest while he and dozens of other people were attempting to climb the mountain.

An Indian woman has climbed Mount Everest twice in less than a week - a woman's record for the fastest double ascent.

According to the AP, the four fatalities came during a weekend in which there was a heavy rush of climbers to the summit.

An American climber from Alabama was among three climbers who died on Sunday, during an attempt to reach the top of Mount Everest.

A MACKAY man who died on Mt Everest on Sunday had made a PowerPoint presentation about the deadly effects of altitude sickness, in which he warned himself to be vigilant or he'd wind up "buggered".

More than a dozen climbers in difficulties have been rescued from the mountain in the last three days, helicopter rescue operators say.

Kumar successfully climbed the 8,848 meters high Mount Everest at 1:28 PM on Saturday.

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