'Resistance Is Not Terrorism' say Palestinians Burning Effigies of Trump

President Reuven Rivlin opening Jerusalem Day celebrations at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City

President Reuven Rivlin opening Jerusalem Day celebrations at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City

Trump added that the State of Israel was a "strong and soaring monument to the solemn pledge we repeat and affirm "Never again".

Bethlehem/Jerusalem: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that he is committed "to do everything" to achieve Israel-Palestinian peace deal but made it clear that "peace can not take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded".

"There were very substantive discussions in Israel with both Netanyahu as well as Abbas", Tillerson told reporters aboard Air Force One. The awkward body language between the 47-year-old and her 70-year-old husband, US President Donald Trump, is increasingly drawing comment on social media. What Trump says matters far less than what Trump does, and despite his insistence on portraying the contours of a possible deal as more open-ended than American foreign policy has previously allowed, Trump's actions on Israeli and Palestinian issues so far only point in the direction of two states.

David Rubin, a former mayor of the Israeli city of Shiloh, says he was struck by Trump's kind feelings for Israel and he says most Israelis sensed that kindness, too.

The talks came with hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli jails on hunger strike since April 17, which Abbas referred to in his remarks after meeting Trump. Israel has rejected past assertions that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would heal all other regional ailments, including the Syrian Civil War, the Islamic State (ISIS) threat and Iranian aggression.

Before departing for the Vatican - the final leg of the president's first overseas trip, which also included Saudi Arabia - Trump gave a keynote address at the Israel Museum.

"The Saudi initiative includes a demand for full Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders and the absorption of millions of Palestinian" refugees" into Israel.

Israel's defense minister appears to have confirmed that his country's intelligence was leaked by President Donald Trump during a meeting with Russian officials this month. Trump received multiple standing ovations - one of his favorite measures of success - during a speech on USA relations with Israel.

During his two-day stay in Saudi Arabia, Trump not only met with leaders of the Muslim world, but also delivered a centerpiece speech to introduce his vision for the Middle East moving forward.

"Through it all, they have endured and, in fact, they have thrived", Trump said.

"The mood of Article 5, the idea that we are all in this together, is not the mood he conveyed", said Jon Alterman, a senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

In a major deviation from his campaign rhetoric of regarding Islam as a religion of hatred, Trump significantly softened his tone on Islam and the Muslim world in the speech in a bid to portray himself as a partner of the Muslim world rather than an enemy. They're losers, and we'll have more of them.

He became the first sitting United States president to visit the site in the Israeli-annexed east of the city. But he never uttered the words "two-state solution", the longtime USA policy plan that would create a separate homeland for Palestinians. Palestinians claim the city's eastern part as the future capital of their anticipated state. Given a choice between someone who works toward getting there without explicitly admitting that he is doing so versus someone who endorses it in a speech with a host of qualifiers and then spends the next decade making excuses for why it can not happen, I choose the former.

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