Tulsa shooting: Policewoman acquitted of manslaughter

Tiffany Crutcher center the twin sister of Terence Crutcher talks with the media as she leaves the courtroom in the trial of Tulsa police office Betty Jo Shelby in Tulsa Okla. Wednesday

Jury to hear closing arguments in Oklahoma officer's trial

Shelby's lawyer, Shannon McMurray, had argued the case resulted in a prosecution because of media hysteria. They left the courthouse without commenting.

Shelby could spend between four years to life in prison if she's convicted.

They must decide whether Tulsa officer Betty Jo Shelby went too far September 16 when she killed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher.

Crutcher alternated between putting his hands in his pocket and putting them in the air, she said. Seconds after someone in the helicopter (perhaps the same individual) said, "I think he may have just been tasered", Shelby fired shots.

According to an affidavit, Crutcher did not respond to a question from Shelby, and instead walked towards his vehicle with his hands in the air. Videos of the incident, which captured several angles of the shooting, showed police with their guns pointed at Crutcher as he calmly walked toward his vehicle with his hands above his head.

"Betty Shelby murdered my brother, and after she murdered my brother all of the officers involved with the Tulsa Police Department covered for her".

Eventually, Crutcher approached the side of his vehicle, and according to some witnesses, began to reach inside the vehicle.

In footage of the shooting, an officer aboard a helicopter above can be heard saying, "He's got his hands up there for her now. There was precise evidence that said she was guilty", Joey Crutcher said before addressing the jury directly.

During cross examination, Assistant Tulsa County District Attorney Kevin Gray asked Shelby why she didn't use her Taser. Shelby told the jury, "I did everything I could to stop this. And because she didn't pause, my family, we've had to pause", Tiffany Crutcher said.

There are conflicting accounts of the fatal shooting that happened in September 2016.

Drummond also said: "This jury has worked very hard to come to a result". She said she had forgotten that detail at the time. They reiterated that Crutcher ignored repeated commands.

"All the elements of manslaughter was there", she said. His family argued that was not a reason for Shelby to have shot him.

Selby's defense attorney Steve Kunzweiler said the police officer shot the victim Terence Crutcher because she thought he was going to his auto in order to get a gun out of it. Shelby's manslaughter trial began on May 8, 2017. And no one has been calling for the resources to implement community policing more actively over a longer period of time than the men and women of our Tulsa Police Department. She also criticized police because they didn't immediately provide aid to her brother after he was shot. He was holding his hands above his head when he was shot.

Mr Crutcher's family was ushered out of the courtroom after the verdict.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin appealed for calm in a statement late yesterday.

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