The pound is falling after a new poll predicted a hung parliament

I said from the start that I doubted her sincerity, that she was prone to shifting positions and that it would be hard for a Remainer leading a Cabinet of some very strong Remainers to carry off the Brexit election without some friction.

What do YouGov's figures show?

The British pound fell against the US dollar after the news of the study broke.

Theresa May has played down polling that puts her on course to lose the General Election.

A new set of polls shows the Labour Party has cut the Conservatives' lead from around 18 points down to single digits.

But May insisted she had the best plan for taking Britain into negotiations over its exit from the European Union, which start 11 days after the election.

But unless she handsomely beats the 12-seat majority her predecessor David Cameron won in 2015, her electoral gamble will have failed, and her authority could be undermined just as she enters formal Brexit negotiations.

Brits will vote for their new government June 8.

The polls so far have been hard to decipher with both the unpopular social care pledge and the May 22 suicide attack in Manchester influencing voter intentions.

The shock result comes after a detailed study of how electors will vote suggested Mrs May could lose seats - leaving a hung parliament.

Although the gap between the two big rivals, the Conservatives and Labour, has narrowed, May's party is still on course to win with a majority, but not necessarily the landslide predicted jut a few weeks ago when May called the snap election.

Betting markets give a more than 80-percent probability of May winning an overall majority, though betting markets were wrong ahead of the unexpected Brexit result in the June 23 referendum. YouGov acknowledged that its predictions were controversial and allowed for a wide margin of error, adding that the samples in each constituency are small.

The opposition Labour party, led by veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn, has gradually nibbled away at the Conservative lead in the polls, with the campaign back in full swing after the Manchester terror attack.

However, under the model - based on 50,000 interviews over one week - the Conservatives could get anywhere between 274 and 345 seats, meaning they could also increase their majority.

YouGov chief executive Stephan Shakespeare said the data could change dramatically between now and June 8.

"The data suggests that there is churn on all fronts, with the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats both likely to both lose and gain seats".

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