3 dead after shootout at Greenville vehicle dealership

"We were told they were federal agents so we didn't ask them to leave". They never presented badges.

Bounty hunters Gabriel Bernal, 33, and Fidel Garcia, 54, had arrived at the dealership to apprehend suspected criminal Ramon Hutchinson. Stew Peters, a Minnesota-based bounty hunter, said Hutchinson had been sought since March, when he failed to appear for a court hearing.

According to police, Bernal and Garcia approached Hutchinson with their guns drawn. Garcia and Bernal drew their weapons.

NBCDFW reports the shooting happened just after 7:20 p.m. Tuesday at the dealership on Interstate 30 near Joe Ramsey Boulevard in Greenville. All three men were killed in the ensuing frenzy. Jarod Buck, an employee of the Bulldog Transmission shop, told the Herald-Banner Hutchinson was a regular customer.

A former soldier who lied his way to a Purple Heart and hundreds of thousands of dollars in government benefits has been sentenced to three years in prison. His company hunts as many as 50 fugitives at a time and works with dozens of bounty hunters. The City says no Greenville police officers were involved or injured.

Not much is known about Bernal and Garcia.

On Wednesday questions began to emerge about the tactics used by both bounty hunters.

Multiple shots can then be heard.

"It doesn't look like a tactically sound operation", he says.

"Tactically, that was totally wrong what they did", he said. When a defendant fails to appear before THE COURT, the bail bond agent or company authorizes USFRE to locate, apprehend, and deliver the defendant to the custody of the Sheriff in the Minnesota County where they are now facing charges.

Phariss says a bounty hunter's job is nothing like television depictions, in which kicking in doors and chasing people down is part of the daily routine. "We're not Texas-licensed. And in Texas, the law requires that you be licensed there". He dropped the gun on a desk but was able to retrieve it and fire at the bounty hunters.

Under state law, commissioned security officers must be in uniform with a weapon holstered and visible.

The biggest problem Phariss has is where the investigators made a decision to arrest Hutchinson.

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