What to watch for in the 2017 NBA Finals | Cavs vs Warriors

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Ronald Martinez Getty Images

"Win one game. Now we look to Sunday to try to do it again", Curry told reporters.

I don't think that the Warriors' coaching question -Kerr is unlikely to be back at least for the start of the series, so Brown will continue as the acting coach - will come into play initially because Kerr's imprint is so strong, because Brown is a great substitute teacher and because Curry and Green essentially run the team on the floor.

This matchup has seemed ordained since James walked off the court in Oakland last June, having delivered his native northeast OH its first major team championship since 1964. "I got a promotion when I got to the 30s". At the end of the day, I know the way I'm built. As much as this is a "rematch" of last year's NBA Final and the third in a row for these two teams, this year's Warriors team is different in ways that make Cavs fans queasy. If you're in the presence of children who speak Taiwanese, you may want to step away from them.

Russell Westbrook will get the 2017 MVP award later this month but until that happens it is fair to say that Golden State has all the MVP winners since LeBron's last trophy in 2013 - Durant in 2014 and Steph Curry the last two years. James won his first title in 2012 with Miami in a five-game series over Durant and the Thunder.

In response, the Warriors signed eight-time All Star Kevin Durant, a move that paid dividends on Thursday as the seven-foot forward put up 38 points on 14 for 26 shooting.

"Obviously what we went through the last two years, you learn from that and you grow", he told reporters. Steve Kerr will likely watch again from behind the scenes as he deals with continued complications following back surgery almost two years ago.

I expect Cleveland will have every chance to win either Game 1 or 2 at Oracle Arena, and I'll predict that Cavaliers get one of them, maybe on an epic LeBron performance. The Warriors are 12-0 in the playoffs and have won 27 of their last 28 games overall.

What if Golden State doesn't need Klay Thompson to win championships?

- The Cavaliers hit 1,067 three-pointers in the regular season, the third-most in National Basketball Association history. "And hopefully we keep it going, but we fully respect and are aware that this team that we're playing, they're the champions and we're not", Kerr said.

"I've had a week off", Thompson said. "So I feel great. Can't get caught up in your shot falling or not". The Warriors and Cavs are going to be an NBA Finals thing for a while longer. The Cavs haven't been far behind, losing only in Game Three of the Eastern Conference final to Boston.

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