Kourtney Kardashian had enough with Scott Disick

Scott Disick

Scott Disick on a balcony in London

The self-proclaimed Lord jetted off to London after Cannes and Monaco and was photographed taking selfies with a topless woman on a balcony in South West London on Thursday, June 1. Kourtney expects Scott to be a "responsible dad", but it seems she's set herself up for another disappointment: she has, per Perez's take, "no idea when he was due back in the country and even less of an idea when he would ever see his kids again".

A source close to both reality stars tells ET that "Scott has gone off the deep end again", and it's been going on "for a few weeks now".

It looks like all the partying Scott Disick did in Cannes is finally catching up to him.

Scott Disick is still living it up in Europe following his fling with Bella Thorne, and these shots of him with a topless woman prove it.

The source claims Disick, who shares three children, Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2, with Kardashian, "goes into the dark, depressed stages" where he "turns to partying for help". And, since "the kids are getting older [enough to] know that something's wrong", Kourtney's priorities have shifted.

"What she is upset about is her kids and she wishes Scott would keep them in mind", the source added.

"Kourtney is anxious for Scott, as are Scott's friends and the whole Kardashian family", an insider told Us.

"She thought it was pathetic for Scott to try and one up her in Cannes", the insider said. She has been through this so many times before and does love him; he's the father of her three children.

While Kardashian is annoyed with his behavior, she's also "worried" about him and wants him "to get better". Scott knows that Kourtney will never take him back until he stops drinking and grows up, but it's hard for him to do that.

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