'100 per cent' willing to testify over James Comey conversations: Donald Trump


'100 per cent' willing to testify over James Comey conversations: Donald Trump

The highlight, of course, was former FBI Director James Comey testifying under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee and accusing Trump of "lies, plain and simple". "You're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer".

The toughest questioning of Comey by GOP lawmakers on the Senate intelligence committee focused more on whether the interactions he described amounted to legal trouble for Trump than on whether he was telling the truth about the nine meetings and phone calls he had with the president.

By that, Comey meant that if Trump subsequently did become the target of an investigation, the FBI would have a legal obligation to say so publicly.

President Trump's personal lawyer delivered a five-minute denial of Comey's accusations. Comey, who refused to say that he would, subsequently went to the Attorney-General Jeff Sessions and asked him to prevent any further one-on-one meetings between him and the president.

Asked by a reporter if he had told Mr Comey to drop a Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into former top aide Michael Flynn, Mr Trump said, "I didn't say that".

On Friday, June 9, Trump fired back at Comey, calling him a liar and a leaker, while at the same time, saying he felt vindicated by Comey's testimony.

Comey confirmed that he told Trump three times that he was not personally under investigation as part of the Russian Federation probe.

He said he would also welcome news of tapes of his conversations with Trump, saying, "Lordy, I hope there are tapes". Currently, the House and Senate intelligence committees have launched their own Russia-related investigations.

The committee also sent a letter to Comey asking for any notes or memos in his possession about the discussions he had with Trump before being abruptly fired last month.

Comey said he refused on all points, told senators of the detailed memos he had written after his conversations with Trump and said he hoped those conversations were taped because he is confident of their veracity. On Friday, Trump strongly suggested Comey had lied about their encounters and accused him of being a "leaker".

Now who are you going to believe, a dedicated career law enforcement official who took meticulous contemporary notes after each freakish encounter with Trump, precisely because he was concerned that Trump might lie, or the person who still maintains that the Russian Federation investigation is a hoax, that Obama wiretapped him and that there were millions of illegal votes cast?

ABC's Jonathan Karl asked at the news conference if Trump would be willing to testify under oath about what happened with Comey. Think of it: I hardly know the man, it doesn't make sense.

"I took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning, but that's a conclusion I'm sure the special counsel will work towards to try and understand what the intention was there, and whether that's an offense", Comey said. In the nine times Trump met with or called Comey, it was always to discuss how the investigation into Russia's election interference was affecting him personally, rather than the security of the country.

The president had previewed his attacks against Comey in an early-morning tweet that broke his previous day's silence on his favorite social media megaphone.

During nearly three hours of statements Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey described himself as "stunned" by Trump's "very disturbing" and "very concerning" behavior towards him.

Senior aides to Trump had tried to get a statement of explicit support for Article 5 in the president's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation speech but it was not included, a senior administration official said.

The Russia investigation is now being handled by a high-powered special prosecutor.

Trump's shift from real estate mogul and reality TV star to political powerhouse was driven in part by his campaign to spread the lie that President Barack Obama was born outside the United States.

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