Apple launched refreshed series of iMac and MacBook at WWDC

But away from the software, it also previewed its new line of tablets and computers for 2017.

Apple has historically attracted professional users in the photography, video and programming industries as some of its most devoted customers. The 2017 MacBook has the dimensions as its predecessor - it weighs around 920 grams and measures 0.52 inches in thickness.

The MacBook Pro (2017) features an aluminium enclosure, LED-backlit display, and it comes in 13-inch and 15-inch model sizes, as well as silver or space grey colour options.

The review model Apple provided us with is the base model with a Core m3 processor.

On one hand, the iMac Pro looks awesome. In a presentation unveiling the device, Apple said that the CPU performance of the A10X was 30% better than the CPU performance of the prior-generation A9X chip.

The MacBook Pro.APApple updated every Mac* in its lineup this week, and there are so many models now that it can be confusing to figure out which one you should buy. If you prefer the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you'll get a larger $50 gift card.

This is Apple's entry-level computer. A new Metal API will offer 10x improvement in throughput, speeding up games and other graphics-intensive tasks across the board - as well as helping to power VR on the new iMacs.

One of the biggest small announcements Apple made was that Messages will now sync across devices.

Read our thoughts on the 12-inch Apple MacBook, which starts at £1,249.

The MacBook Pro was redesigned less than a year ago.

Apple's new MacBook Pro arrived in October 2016, with a Touch Bar in place of function keys and a hefty price tag. For faster performance, choose the optional dual-core Intel Core i7 processor for 1.4GHz of processing power and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.6GHz. While there's no major overhaul happening, all of these make for solid speed upgrades unless you bought a new MacBook Pro past year.

In the meantime, I can tell you a little about the keyboard.

As mentioned in a previous post, the MacBook Pro 2017 hardly carried surprise changes outside the speculations dished by analysts and critics beforehand.

Along with upgrading the processors, Apple has also upgraded the MacBook Pro's graphic hardware.

Finally, the 27-inch 5K iMac has a whopping 5K display and 8 GB of VRAM. It is powerful enough to be a main computer for any pro for years. No UK price has been revealed yet, although we wouldn't expect you'd get much change out of £5,000. The new iMac Pro has the same basic chassis as the current iMac range. The 13-inch MacBook Pro TouchBar models are cheaper by Rs. 1,000 each at Rs. 1,54,900 and Rs. 1,71,900 respectively for the 256GB and 512GB SSD storage variants. Their screens come with 600 Nits of brightness, support for True-tone color, and the ability to play HDR videos.

The 27.5-inch Retina iMac starting price is unchanged at Rs. 1,48,900, while the two higher-end configurations are expensive by Rs. 1,000 each at Rs. 1,65,900, and Rs. 1,89,900 respectively.

It wasn't just products that took the centre-stage.

The "new" iPad Pro devices now hold up full-size keyboard of iOS 11 on the screen.

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