Apple WWDC 2017 Highlights: Whats new?

Apple recently updated their devices pricing in India.

Touch Bar: Strangely enough, unlike the 2016 MacBook Pro, the MacBook Pro now available in the stores does not have a touch bar. However, with it being so light, it also means that it has the specs of an advanced tablet at best. Instead of a real keyboard, you can use the keyboard attachment for the iPad Pro that isn't as good (or as cheap) as a real keyboard.

The other one, called "The awesome Apple Pencil", starts off with a tweet asking "What's so great about the Apple Pencil?" The iPad Pro - 9.7 inch Wifi + cellular comes with same storage options with the price tag of Rs.61,900 Rs.69,900 Rs.77,900. This all changes with the announcement of two new models, the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch model.

"The latest iMacs start at $1,099 for the 21.5" models and$1,799 for the 27" models. The core i5 Kaby Lake 12-inch MacBook starts at $1,729.

Availability has yet to be confirmed in Malaysia, but if you can't wait then head on over to neighbouring Singapore's Apple Store where the iPad Pro will be available in the coming weeks.

I'll leave it to you to decide, and the current iMac design is very nice, classic and functional, but I think Apple should've done something to enhance the looks of the computer, as it does with iPhones. The reason for that selling point is obviously because the MacBook Pro variants have features not present in the MacBook Air line.

Apple has done this by thinning out the bezels around the screen, meaning that you simply get more screen in proportion to the overall device size.

"Billed as "the most powerful Mac ever", the top of the range model will feature an 18-core processor that supports up to 4TB of SSD memory and comes with a 5K 27" retina display. The 13.3-inch size should work perfectly well with it. MacBook Pro 2017 will be one of the best upon official release.

Here's what you need to know.

It also paves the way for augmented reality (AR) to debut on an Apple device, which MacWorld says will allow users to layer 3D objects over real life. "The Slim Combo unleashes the power of iPad Pro to bring you the future of personal computing; a future that's easier, faster and more fun". The model even embedded with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, two Thunderbolt and no touch bar. It's no surprise that the 2017 models will outperform the 2015 models. It has a slower processor than the Mac Pro, and it has one USB-C port. More specifically, it was an unspoken statement that clearly said Apple was going to kill off one of its laptops in favor of giving a boost to iPad usage.

WWDC 2017 is no different. The previous Pro was no slouch, but this could be a considerable improvement for high-end users.

While Apple has refreshed its standard iPad with the 9.7-inch iPad model earlier in the year, the iPad Pro line hasn't seen an update for some time.

We were lucky enough to get early access to the new Pro before nearly anyone else and while we could get into the tech specs, bells, and whistles, we decided instead to go for something that's so Teen Vogue.

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