Donald Trump hasn't tweeted in a very long time

If US President Donald Trump's tweets were not enough, here comes a "bot" that formats his tweets as official White House statements - enough to jolt administrative officials who have tried to downplay Trumps Twitter habits.

No, not that Donald Trump - he's been quiet all day.

The Republican president took to twitter earlier in the day, claiming "total and complete vindication". But not everyone is oppose to the president's tweets. A look at Trump's recent Twitter activity is an eye-opening mishmash of self-congratulatory statements and attacks on others, while he remains firmly silent about the mounting controversies that threaten his very presidency.

"Asked on June 1 whether Trump would invoke executive privilege over Comey, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, told ABC's Good Morning America, 'The president will make that decision, '" Newsweek reports.

In excerpts of his remarks released by the White House, Trump is expected to say that inland waterways are critical to commerce, but now depend on a dilapidated system. Among independents, the share of voters who said Trump tweets too much was up 22 points, to 70 percent; 82 percent of Democrats agreed, up from 75 percent in December.

So on Wednesday Trump was able to tweet, without first informing Congress or anyone else it seems, that he would nominate Christopher Wray, whom he described as "a man of impeccable credentials", as the next director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This sparked a new round of Nixon comparisons and congressional requests for any secret White House recordings.

One of the senior reporters pushed back.

This treatment highlights the gulf between Trump's Twitter style and the formal language of official statements (a language frequently adopted on Obama's Twitter account). "Yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction", Trump said.

Trump friend Chris Ruddy, the president and CEO of, said he thinks Trump should implement an internal White House review process for his tweets before hitting send.

"All the hankering that goes on by the D.C. elite, your average voter doesn't relate to that", said the adviser.

In Sh*t My President Says, Donald Trump's most revealing tweets are transformed into razor-sharp cartoons, offering a subversive and illuminating insight into the mind of the most divisive political figure of our time.

Trump is also talking up his controversial decision to pull the USA out of what he dismissively referred to as the "so-called" Paris climate accord. "I think they convinced him there was no reason for him to say anything, to not get bogged down in the swamp". White House sources admitted that they were anxious, saying they were purposely trying to keep the president occupied, "But if he wants to watch it, it's not like we can say, 'oh, the TV doesn't work'". "Be presidential, go out and do the job, and don't take the bait".

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