LeBron James Might Consider Leaving Cleveland For Los Angeles In 2018

While taking questions from reporters at practice today, LeBron James was quick to refute the idea that he was exhausted after chasing the Warriors around the court for two games in Golden State. One year after bad wheels undermined the mind-blowing agility that sets him apart, those physical gifts are on full display. "But you hate to continue to put yourself in these positions, but at the end of the day it's still just basketball, man, and that's what gives me comfort".

In a testament to Big Shot Bob's career, his Game 5 performance in the 2005 Finals as a member of the San Antonio Spurs against the Detroit Pistons often doesn't make the very top of his list of clutch plays.

We likely haven't seen the last of the Warriors' dominance, either.

Zaza Pachulia and David West and JaVale McGee and Matt Barnes are, along with Durant, the new veterans. The roster was renovated last summer.

The timing of this release is interesting as the Cavs look to stay alive, down 0-3 to the Warriors in the best-of-seven NBA Finals.

If anything, this is the beginning (or continuation) of Golden State's era. They would win the game in OT, and then clinch the championship two nights later in Game 7.

When it comes down to it, numbers show us that James is one of the greatest to ever do it.

The team finally got a win in game four, but they still have a steep hole to climb out of. "We're moving the ball great, we're shooting the ball at a high clip, and our defense has been unbelievable".

"I mean for me, personally, when I made a decision to go back to Cleveland, I had to decide - because our owner at the time when I left chose to put out this [censored] article that we all know about where he completely bashed and disrespected not only me as an individual, but disrespected my name". We obviously had a lead and we lost it. The Cavs scored the most points in a half and recorded the most made 3s in a half in Finals history (13-for-22).

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