Prosecutors rest their case at Cosby's trial

Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial entered its fifth day on Friday, hearing from two crucial witnesses for the prosecution.

The jury in Norristown, Pennsylvania, saw excerpts from a deposition Cosby gave more than a decade ago in which he acknowledged obtaining seven prescriptions for the sedative Quaalude in the 1970s so he could give them to women.

Cosby served as a trustee at Temple, where Constand was employed as the director of operations for the women's basketball team. Although he denies her claim and maintains that their encounter was consensual, Cosby said he apologized because he feared Constand's family would think badly of him - not as an admission of guilt.

"Quaaludes happen to be the drug that ... young people were using to party with, and I wanted to have them just in case", Cosby said, according to the testimony read into the record.

The deposition was sealed for many years but became public in 2015, about six months before Cosby was charged with allegedly assaulting Constand.

Today in court, the jury heard parts of the 2005-2006 depositions that were part of a civil lawsuit brought against him by Constand - portions of which must have led the defense to believe that putting Cosby on the stand would help sway the jury, reports Page Six.

In his deposition, read in court by Montgomery County detective James Reape and District Attorney Kevin Steele, Cosby said that in the 1970s he had received seven prescriptions for quaaludes from a doctor in Los Angeles, even though he never meant to take them. Although almost 60 women have levied allegations of sexual assault against him - all of which Cosby and his legal team have vehemently denied - it was the first time he faced a criminal charge. "But my apology was, my God, I'm in trouble with these people because this is an old man and their young daughter", Cosby, who is 36 years older than Constand, reportedly said. Cosby refused to answer and said he'd send them in the mail.

In the deposition, which became public almost two years ago, Cosby said he gave Constand three half-tablets of the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl. An adult would need to take only one tablet to induce drowsiness, expert Timothy Rohrig said. — Cosby, from his deposition, talking about how he touched Constand after he'd given pills to her. They saved Cosby's damaging deposition testimony until practically the very end.

"When you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?" the comic and "The Cosby Show" star once known as America's Dad was asked.

Cosby was all smiles as he walked out of court Friday, raising his wooden cane to salute well-wishers. However, he is said to have repeatedly dodged her questions. She says Mr Cosby told her, "I apologise to Andrea. and I apologise to you, mom".

Cosby pressed Gianna Constand to agree to an in-person meeting to discuss their problems and the possibility of the wealthy entertainer paying for Andrea Constand to attend graduate school.

Hoping to blunt one of Cosby's main lines of defense, prosecutors put on the stand a psychologist who testified that victims of celebrities are often afraid to come forward because of the possible backlash.

Cosby was accompanied to the courthouse Friday by comedian Joe Torry, who a day earlier joined fellow actor and comedian Lewis Dix in support of the actor.

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