Facebook to add fundraising option to 'Safety Check'

Image Facebook

Image Facebook

Facebook has had its Safety Check feature for a while now.

For starters, you can now start a fundraiser from within Safety Check, which should help people more easily solicit charitable donations, or offer financial assistance to those in need.

The update this week will allow Facebook users to mark themselves as "SAFE" with more detail than was allowed in the past. "Fundraising provides a way for people who are also outside of the crisis area to offer help", Facebook's VP of Social Good, Naomi Gleit, wrote in a blog post. Facebook Fundraisers will now be part of Safety Checks, one in a series of changes announced by Facebook today to give people more control during such events. Look for it to roll out "in the coming weeks" in the US, Gleit wrote. Up until now, when people used Safety Check to mark themselves as safe, that's all they could do.

Finally, Facebook is expanding the Community Help feature it launched in February to the desktop. This is why Facebook started displaying a detailed description of the event that triggered the system, courtesy of NC4, a third-party crisis reporting agency Facebook works with. Now, users can add a personal note to their Safety Check. The feature, which lets people ask for or offer things like shelter, food, and supplies in the event of a natural disaster or crisis, was previously only available on iOS and Android.

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