Donald Trump demands changes to 'mean' health bill

AP sources Trump tells senators House health bill'mean

Donald Trump demands changes to 'mean' health bill

"We aren't stupid", a senior Senate aide told Axios.

"Nobody's hiding the ball here", McConnell told reporters Tuesday. Sounds a lot like complaints from Republicans when a Democrat-controlled Congress passed the Affordable Care Act containing volumes of rules and guidelines nearly no one - including Democrats - bothered to read.

You know this will be bad for the average American or the Republicans wouldn't be trying to rush through legislation in such stealth.

US President Donald Trump has called the healthcare reform bill approved in May by the Republicans in the House of Representatives "petty". "And we can't even get a look at it", said Sen.

Hatch said, "We're not going to ignore anything".

The uproar about a Senate health care bill that critics say is being written in secret comes just weeks after similar accusations were leveled at House Republicans.

"I've been talking about repealing and replacing Obamacare now for nearly two years", he said. Republican conservatives and moderates are divided as to what should be included in the bill.

Obamacare "had been broken and it's been a broken promise", Trump added. Indivisible, a nonprofit network aimed at resisting Trump's agenda, has a campaign strategy to take down the health care bill and even provides a script to use should you decide to call your legislators.

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) said he agreed with Trump's comments on healthcare during an interview on MSNBC.

The study estimates that the House bill would also reduce federal spending by $328 billion over 10 years, compared with $119 billion in the CBO analysis. But our members are still having a conversation about if we want to make changes that are in the end going to require some additional revenue where that might come from.

The politics of this debate are interesting, because states with the most Medicaid customers are generally states governed by Republicans, and have the highest percentage of low-income individuals and families.

Other problems include funding for tax credits to allow people to gain access to insurance coverage and maintaining Obamacare's essential health benefits, which mandate a minimum of health procedures that insurance plans must cover. "And we had no support from the other party".

The AHCA was projected by the Congressional Budget Office to cause 23 million fewer people to have insurance over the next decade compared to Obamacare, and found that premiums would skyrocket for people with pre-existing conditions and women seeking maternity care in states that waive Obamacare regulations on insurers. Instead they expressed their concerns to a president who encouraged them to work out their differences, multiple senators who attended the meetings said.

"But we have an incredible group of people standing behind me", the president added.

Key Republicans understand the damage they are doing. Moderates Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski were on the list as well as conservatives Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. "But saying that it's better doesn't mean that it's acceptable to me".

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