London protests held as anger mounts over Grenfell fire

Teams were forced to leave the building on Thursday afternoon when the fire restarted, delaying further the efforts to reach upper floors, where some victims are thought to have been trapped.

The music mogul announced he will produce a track that "will raise some money for the many people affected by this tragedy".

Relatives of those missing after a high-rise tower blaze in London posted pictures of their loved ones Friday in the desperate hope of news, as grief following the tragedy has turned to outrage and the death toll of those killed in the blaze climbed to 30. He'll have no lack of potential artists to choose from with Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and Louis Tomlinson all signed to his Syco label.

Simon said of the project, "I'm not going to sit here and do nothing - for me in my position to not do something would be appalling".

London Police have launched an investigation to determine whether any crimes contributed to the blaze.

Prime Minister Theresa May, who has faced criticism for failing to meet survivors when she visited the scene on Thursday, has ordered a full public inquiry into the disaster in response to mounting anger that the fire might have been preventable.

Using drones and sniffer dogs, firefighters continued to search the burned-out housing block that looms over the low-income community in west London.

The Government has already said that it will ensure homes for people from the tower block are found in the local area. Britain's Press Association has reported that some 70 people are still missing after the fire, based on a compilation of verified reports.

Meanwhile, British media reported that the number of dead could surpass 100.

The focus of criticism is on the cladding fitted to external walls of the 1974 tower as part of a £8.7 million (RM47 million) refit completed a year ago. Standard versions use plastic such as polyethylene for the core, while more expensive variants use fire-resistant material.

Fire safety experts called for a ban on the use of combustible materials in the construction of high-rise buildings in the United Kingdom as contractors confirmed that panels used to clad Grenfell Tower were the cheaper, more flammable version of two available options.

The refurbishment, carried between 2015 and 2016, saw new external cladding installed on the building. "We are now seeing buildings taken down by some very minor initiating events, such as a discarded cigarette setting fire to leaf litter, and that fire is able to get into cladding, voids and the structure of the building".

Whole families are among the missing, including Bassem Choukeir, his wife Nadia, her mother Sariyya and the couple's three daughters Mirna, Fatmeh and Zaynab.

The royal visitors were greeted by the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, Ken Olisa, with the shell of the tower block visible in the distance behind them.

As per the London cops, all faces admitted into the hospital have been identified, however, they have also pointed out that some of them who were captured in the arms of the blaze may never be identified.

Another complicating factor is that much of the DNA material that would normally be used to help pinpoint victims - like toothbrushes or combs - were probably also incinerated in the blaze.

"Corbyn came and met the people". Even if the cladding helped spread the fire, it is unclear how the inferno took hold so rapidly inside the building when fire barriers at every floor should have held it back.

Vanezis said the best chance to identify victims may be if firefighters find bits of teeth or bone, medical devices like pacemakers or artificial implants.

"The longer a fire burns, the less chance you have that there will be enough DNA left to test", Vanezis said.

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