Key dates for May as she seeks deal with Northern Ireland's DUP

But her party is deeply divided over what it wants from Brexit, and the election result means British businesses still have no idea what trading rules they can expect in the coming years.

Niblett said: "Having made Brexit the rationale for the election, she nevertheless made no effort during the campaign to explain how she would manage the negotiation or what a successful deal would look like".

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who took the party from one Scottish seat to 13, said there would now have to be "consensus within the country about what it means and what we seek to achieve as we leave".

British Prime Minister Theresa May, who promised to be a "bloody hard woman" during her country's upcoming divorce negotiations with the European Union, has been ruthlessly reminded that British voters can be bloody hard as well.

But he also warned that the Brexit movement remains strong and that it will flex its muscles again if the Prime Minister backtracks from her promises on Brexit.

May's authority over her party was shattered by the election result.

He believes his party still has "more to do" and needs to learn lessons so it can go on to win a majority.

The last seat to be called in the election following three recounts, Borwick lost her seat to Labour's Emma Dent Coad by just 20 votes.

"She's staying, for now", the source told Reuters. Absolutely. Theresa May has been to the Palace. "There's a possibility of voting it down and we're going to push that all the way", he explained.

This week's election left the Conservatives several seats short of a majority in Parliament, so they are seeking a deal with the Northern Ireland-based DUP, which won 10 seats.

One DUP lawmaker suggested support for May could come vote by vote, making the job of governing fraught with risk. It is unclear, however, how stable such a government can be and how long May can stay at its helm.

Time is of the essence though, as negotiations with the remaining European Union (EU) countries is due to start on 19 June.

"Do your best to avoid a "no deal" as result of "no negotiations", Donald Tusk, leader of the EU's ruling council, wrote in a tweet. Queen Elizabeth will deliver the "Queen's Speech", setting out the government's plans for the new parliamentary session.

The pound hit an eight-week low against the dollar and its lowest levels in seven months versus the euro before recovering slightly on news she would form a DUP-backed government.

The sides have until June 29 to secure a deal, but observers fear any concessions to the DUP by May's Conservatives could complicate the talks, deepening the region's political crisis.

She told BBC Radio Wales: "We're still saying quite clearly that we would be ready to take over if Theresa May cannot cobble something together, and we're very doubtful that she can". Last night, Brexit Secretary David Davis indicated that the election result may be interpreted as a decision by the British people to choose a Brexit that does not involve leaving the single market and customs union.

After winning his own seat in north London, Mr Corbyn said Mrs May's attempt to win a bigger mandate had backfired. He said it was impossible to predict whether she would still be prime minister at the end of the year. "And make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country".

May's office said Saturday that the Democratic Unionist Party, which has 10 seats in Parliament, had agreed to a "confidence and supply" arrangement with the government.

"The British need to negotiate their exit but with a weak negotiating partner, there is a danger that the talks are bad for both parties", he told German radio.

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