Rosneft Finds First Oil Field Offshore Eastern Arctic

Russia’s ministry of natural resources Sergei Donskoi

Russia’s ministry of natural resources Sergei Donskoi

Russian oil major Rosneft has announced the discovery of a new oil deposit while drilling at Khatanga Bay in the Laptev Sea in the eastern Arctic. "Currently, the core samples collection is underway", the message reads.

The Khatanga field's resource potential is yet to be confirmed, but seismic studies indicate 114 promising oil and gas-bearing structures, and preliminary estimates are that the sea may have a resource potential of 9.5 billion tons of oil equivalent. "Core sampling continues at the moment", a statement from Rosneft said.

The license to develop the Khatanga site was received by Rosneft in November 2015.

Drilling at the Tsentralno-Olginskaya-1 exploratory well was done following a comprehensive geological study of the Arctic region at Rosneft's scientific and research base on the Khara-Tumus Peninsula shore in Laptev Sea's Khatanga Bay. Gathering and set-up of drilling equipment were carried out in the shortest time possible owing to harsh weather conditions.

Tsentralno-Olginskaya-1 was the first well to be drilled under the offshore area of the Laptev Sea.

Since 2012, Rosneft's investments in the development of the Arctic shelf have amounted to about 100 billion rubles. Horizontal drilling is a complex and high-tech operation. "I would like to wish you good luck and I hope for this undertaking's success." - the President of Russian Federation said. In April Rosneft Head reported to Vladimir Putin that the preparation for drilling had been completed in record-breaking time.

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