Amy Childs explains the reasons behind her shock split with Bradley Wright

I got you babe Billy couldn't wait to have a cuddle with adorable Polly

I got you babe Billy couldn't wait to have a cuddle with adorable Polly

Though the former "Only Way is Essex" star is keen for Bradley to still take an active role in Polly's life, she's barely heard from him since they split.

She explained that Bradley has not seen Polly since the split but said: "For Polly's sake I really hope he puts the effort in".

Speaking to the publication, she confessed: 'After Polly arrived, he was sleeping in a different room. "Towards the end I became more like a friend and his mum", she added.

She continued: 'Even when he came home from work he'd have a cuddle with her and he did that a little bit but then he'd go upstairs.

'I think he was just so over it. When she was crying in the night, he wouldn't come in and say, "Can I help?" It was always me'.

The 27-year-old, who split from Bradley in 2010, said Amy reached out to her after she discovered he had a secret daughter, and told Leighanne she'd make sure he had "contact with Lexi".

'Brad will of course see Polly whenever he likes and they will remain friends'.

Meanwhile, Bradley also expressed his feelings following their split, admitting his work got in the way somewhat. The hardest thing for me was on my birthday.

'If Amy feels like I wasn't helping with Polly it was because I've been very busy with work. 'I'm a tree surgeon and ground worker, so it's risky if I'm exhausted'.

Amy and Bradley met in 2013, but split when he was jailed for handling stolen goods in October 2015.

Amy, who reunited with her on-off beau in March, was excited to break the news of her pregnancy, claiming both parties were overjoyed with the announcement. I think he was just so over it.

The couple had Polly back in April, and Amy described the birth as a traumatic experience. "He got me a card, but he didn't take me out".

She said: "He could have settled down with Amy, had more children and nice houses, but he's blown it". Wishing her all the best.

'It's broken my heart, though.

But despite the heartache, the reality star turned entrepreneur appears content in the company of only her little girl as she shared a snap of herself showering her tot with love on Thursday.

"I thought maybe me, him and Polly could go to the park for lunch or dinner".

Read the full interview in this week's OK! magazine, out now.

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