California Highway Patrol officer rescues baby deer

Truckee, Calif. - A California Highway Patrol officer rescued a fawn that was in danger of drowning in a northern California drainage ditch.

Sgt. Randy Fisher was on duty Monday morning when he saw a fawn along westbound Interstate 80 near Truckee. Fisher says the deer, named "Star", is doing well and will be taken to an animal sanctuary in Lake Tahoe.

Star was rescued by Sgt. Fisher of CHP Truckee.

The fawn had gotten its leg stuck in a drain and water runoff from morning thunderstorms was washing all over the baby deer.

When the mother did not show, Fisher wrapped the fawn in his sergeant's jacket, put it in his patrol vehicle and drove it to a veterinary. She is being treated for hypothermia and a bit of water in her lungs. The clinic expects she will make a full recovery.

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